Marble Fireplaces

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Buy a bespoke marble fireplace for your home

Exclusive marble mantelpieces hand-carved by stonemasons

Impressive marble fireplaces and mantelpieces have stood proudly in the homes of the upper classes since the early Middle Ages, so much so that it’s impossible to imagine a manor house or stately home not having at least one large decorative fireplace, if not more. Today, natural stone and marble fireplace surrounds remain popular as upmarket interior design elements that create a stylish focal point in a room.
The bespoke mantelpieces of our RIACE collection will help you bring an elegant ambience into your own home. Even if you don’t have an open fireplace, these stylish marble mantels can be used as eye-catching design features in their own right. In fact, for many people today, it’s not so much about the warmth of the fire itself or getting cosy in front of it on a cold winter’s night. Rather, they choose to install these marble fireplace surrounds for their decorative effect alone.
This is because a marble or stone chimneypiece adds a stylish touch to every home, whether you live in a smart town house or a sprawling country estate. The architectural style doesn’t come into it at all – an exclusive marble fireplace is simply always a great choice. Thanks to our bespoke production service and the various types of stone we have on offer, there are endless ways to customise your marble fireplace and tailor it to suit your home.
Exklusive Kaminsimse per Hand von Steinmetzen gefertigt


Marble chimneypieces from Classic Garden Elements’ RIACE collection

The style of the hand-carved marble fireplace mantels in our RIACE collection are based on the designs of Inigo Jones, Sir Christopher Wren and Grinling Gibbons. Inigo Jones introduced the classical architecture of Rome and the Italian Renaissance to Great Britain. Christopher Wren was the first architect to intentionally combine different styles. Although he was an advocate of classicism, with its somewhat sober and restrained character, he also used elements of both Italian Baroque and Gothic architecture in his work. Grinling Gibbons, meanwhile, is considered one of Great Britain’s most outstanding stone sculptors. His incredibly delicate Baroque garlands, overflowing with life-sized fruits and foliage, are simply legendary.
Each of these three men employed their own personal stonemason in order to guarantee that their work was of the highest quality for their well-to-do clientele. As early as the eighteenth century, their marble fireplace designs had found their way into the manor houses of the American colonies and remain popular in the USA today. It is these exquisite designs that have inspired the fireplace mantels found in our RIACE collection. Detailed decorative elements, such as garlands, statues, rosettes and other ornaments, can be found in the designs of these opulent marble mantelpieces.
Marmorkamine aus der RIACE Kollektion von Classic Garden Elements


What marble do we use for our chimneypieces?

The decision regarding what kind of marble or stone is used for a chimneypiece is made by the customer themselves. For the period fireplaces in our RIACE collection, you can choose between five different types of marble as well as travertine, an elegant natural stone formed by the buildup of mineral deposits from natural springs.
However, if desired, your fireplace can also be carved from other types of stone. The price of a bespoke fireplace is dependent on the choice of material. The look and feel of each of our chimneypieces can be altered dramatically depending on which stone or marble is used. We are always happy to offer advice to help you design the perfect hand-carved fireplace mantel for your home.
You can see from our product photos below how your choice of marble impacts the overall appearance of the fireplace.