Bespoke Metal Garden Arches, Gazebos and Other Garden Structures

Receive a professional drawing in 2-D and 3-D plus our quote:
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Special situations often call for customised sizes and sometimes even special designs. Here at Classic Garden Elements, we are always ready to jump into action when such a situation arises. We would love to customise or design the perfect gazebo, garden archway, garden planter or other product for you that suits your requirements to a T – whether you’re looking for something for your favourite spot in the corner of your garden, your terrace, your spacious pool area, your private tennis court, your well-established orchard or your beloved kitchen garden. We can even help you to find elegant solutions to challenging problems, such as how to make the driveway leading to your garage look appealing or how to optimise an unsightly boundary wall between you and your neighbour.


We manufacture bespoke garden products since more than 20 years. You will receive our quote and professional drawing within less than a week

Our engineers have years of extensive experience in finding perfect, classic, beautiful and even extravagant solutions for you and your property. We listen to your exact requirements and wishes and then put together a technical drawing of our suggested design for you. Depending on the situation, we may suggest using our standard structural elements but in bespoke sizes or propose creating an entirely new design – or sometimes even recommend a combination of the two. Usually, once we have had an in-depth discussion with you about your requirements and the necessary measurements have been taken, we have enough information to draft a technical drawing and give you a quote. Once we received all the info it takes us no longer than a week to provide you with a quote and a professional drawing.

In order for us to be able to put together the technical drawing and prepare the quote, you need to send us an email containing the following information:

  • a photo of the spot in which you would like to install the garden arch or other structure
  • a rough sketch of how you envisage it looking once complete
  • the most important measurements for your dream design
  • the names of any of our standard products that you could imagine being incorporated.

Individuality Is ‘In’ in the Garden

If you work on Wall Street, it’s standard to wear a custom-made suit. It’s simply what you do. In the same way, it’s common to find bespoke garden structures in formal parks and public gardens. Once upon a time, custom-made products were seen as something for only the wealthiest members of society – for nobility. However, today that’s all changed. In the 21st century, owning customised products is a way of expressing your individuality and personality. Choosing a made-to-order product means that compromises are a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll end up with something that perfectly fits your specific needs and desires and is likely to be the absolute best solution to any given problem or situation. Are you considering treating yourself to a made-to-measure metal garden arch, gazebo or other garden structure? With the right partner at your side, it’s easy to play out your individuality. We offer our customers the full service: we can take on the planning, production, delivery, and even (for larger projects and if desired) the assembly and installation of your dream custom-made structure. We’ll even offer you tips when it comes to planting your garden trellis, rose arch or arbour.

Made to size Pergola 'Piemont' in Greifswald

How Your Vision Becomes a Bespoke Rose Arch or Gazebo

Have you got images of the perfect gazebo spinning around in your head? Or does your vision for your dream rose arch become clearer every time you walk through your garden? Or perhaps it’s whilst flicking through garden magazines that your desire for a custom-made garden trellis is strongest? Does this sound like you? So, what is it that makes some of our customers so keen to have a customised garden arch or gazebo? Well, often it’s one of the following:


  • a precise vision for the perfect custom-made garden structure
  • the desire to visually optimise an outdoor space
  • the longing for a personal floral oasis or retreat
  • the need to support the growth of specific plants or flowers
  • a wish to recreate a historic metal garden structure.


Visualising your proposed structure is the first step in creating a custom garden structure. To ensure that we come up with a design that will suit your garden and property, you’ll need to take photos of your garden and any nearby buildings (your house, garage, existing garden structures, etc.). If time is on your side, perhaps you could even take photos of the spot in every season. When you send us your briefing for your dream bespoke garden structure, it needs to contain the size and intended purpose of the piece. The type and quality of the ground where the structure will stand, what plants you plan to grow on it and your favourite architectural styles are also all important and helpful pieces of information.


If you know exactly what you want the garden arch, gazebo or other structure to look like, then it’s important that you make that known to us too. This might involve sending us photos of other products you’ve come across that roughly fit your vision. Perhaps you could even put together a rough sketch for us. If, however, you know that you want to make your garden more visually appealing but you don’t have a fixed idea in mind as to what exactly your future bespoke gazebo or trough planter should look like, then you can also leave the planning to the professionals. We’d be happy to let our imaginations run wild for you! If what you’re after is a stunning way of presenting a specific climbing rose or other climbing plant, then we can create a bespoke garden arch that will suit its exact needs.


How to Find an Expert to Make Your Bespoke Garden Structure?

Classic Garden Elements can confidently offer its services as an expert designer and manufacturer of high-quality metal structures and garden trellises. Alternatively, you could contact a metalworker local to your area. However, what we offer is more than just metalworking: we offer our in-depth knowledge of metalworking in combination with our specialist garden knowledge, topped off with many years of experience. We also support our customers from the planning phase right through to installation of the final piece.



We support our customers from the planning phase right through to installation of the final piece and provide prompt & reliable after sales care

Our extensive experience, built up over many years, means that we are the partner of choice for an array of private customers and businesses, such as landscape gardeners and architects. Our products can be admired in private gardens and public spaces like hotel complexes and parks. Many of our designs were inspired by historic originals from various countries, including the UK and France. So, what does all of this mean for you and your vision? Well, it means that we have all the experience and know-how needed to turn your idea into a stable and stunning metal structure. And our hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated finishes mean that your dream custom-made garden arch, trellis planter, wall trellis or pergola will stay beautiful for years to come.

Three Examples of Tailor-Made Classic Garden Elements Gazebos and Pavilions

  • A replica of the metal pavilion in the White Garden in Sissinghurst Castle
  • A rose gazebo designed for the Chelsea Flower Show by Ian Limmer
  • The Schönbrunn gazebo – a rose palace for a classical statue

Special Gazebo made for the Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Three Examples of Tailor-Made Classic Garden Elements Garden Arches

  • The Brighton Victorian rose arch – a bespoke design featuring a double gate
  • Custom made Pergola for a patio in Greifswald
  • Custom-made triple arch for climbing roses in St.Albans


What Kind of Garden Arch or Gazebo Customisation Is Possible?

When it comes to metal construction, many different sizes and shapes can be produced. Using steel to make our custom garden structures gives the final product a delicate look. We experiment with combining different shapes as well as different sizes of steel bands and tubing in our search for the perfect, coherent design. In terms of colours, as well as our standard wrought-iron black, we can also produce your dream garden arch or gazebo in any other RAL colour you choose. Our bespoke products bring our customers’ dreams and visions to life. At the same time, these stunning structures are also weatherproof and stable growing supports for all kinds of climbing plants. We offer customisation and design services for all of our products, including garden arches, garden planters, trellis planters, gazebos, pergolas, garden obelisks, railings, wall trellises, arbour seats, planter benches and more. Are you a stage closer to committing to making your vision a reality? Is there anything else you’d like to know about designing the perfect bespoke garden trellis or garden arch? We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help you on your journey to owning your custom garden arch or pergola.