Charleston Rose Obelisks by Classic Garden Elements with roses and lavender


Close-up of the top of the Brighton Garden Arch by Classic Garden Elements


The Trianon Rose Treillage Set by Classic Garden Elements


Close-up of the Wallingford Gazebo with full roof by Classic Garden Elements


A Caisse de Versailles Planter by Classic Garden Elements in front of a white house wall


Wall-mounted trellis by Classic Garden Elements


The St. Alban's Pergola by Classic Garden Elements


Caisse de Versailles Planters by Classic Garden Elements


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Finest museum-quality, life-sized Classical Antiquity statues for gardens and parks

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Metal rose arches

Classic design combined with high artisanal quality Since 1998, Classic Garden Elements has been known for design and quality, adding luxury to private and public gardens. We design and manufacture metal gazebos, rose arches, trellises, pergolas, metal pavilions, espaliers, rose pavilions, and metal plant boxes in guaranteed best quality. The products made by our 50 employees – standard measures or custom-made – will let your garden prosper.

Premium service and visible quality

All of our trellis elements come from our own production. They are welded from heavy steel strapping and steel pipes, galvanized and powder-coated for a 10-year guarantee against rust. Every trellis can be coated in any desired RAL color. Our very own installation team will gladly set up bigger structures on site. Classic Garden Elements provides expertise at any stage of your garden project. We are more than happy to advise and assist.

Exclusive metal trellises in our online shop

Our elegant metal trellises and rose arches combine clarity and elegance with high artisanal quality. They serve as both decorative elements and support for climbing plants. Many designs follow historic examples of garden architecture, be it the romantic pergolas made of intricate metal sticks, the planter boxes, or the enchanting garden obelisks. Metal pergolas, espaliers, and rose arches manufactured by Classic Garden Elements can be admired in renowned parks all around the world. Award-winning roses grow on them from spring to summer and bathe the beholder in a sea of flowers. Experts rely on the metal trellises’ high quality. They know that investing in high-quality espaliers and garden decoration pays off. Thanks to the powder-coated and galvanized metal they excel in weather resistance and come with a 10-year guarantee against rust. Solid anchoring ensures a firm stand even for large metal rose arches and pergolas. The metal trellises are a reliable partner for roses and climbing plants, supporting their blossoms with a firm hold even in a storm.

What distinguishes our metal trellises from those made by other manufacturers?

Classic Garden Elements has been an expert in producing espaliers, rose arches, planter boxes and privacy screens for 20 years. All of the products offered in our online shop have been produced in our very own manufacture. Greatest importance is attached to precision and quality. Cooperating with rose-growers and park operators, this company has developed a comprehensive expertise. The metal rose arches and garden obelisks do not just look good, they also cater for the needs of climbing plants thus providing ideal conditions for a lavish variety of flowers. Additionally, every product is purpose-built for perfect mounting. The metal pergolas and wall trellises are designed to preserve the facade. The anchoring used for rose arches, garden obelisks and gazebos ensures an easy installation. Our metal planter boxes are purpose-built to make moving them into their winter home effortless. For all of our products, we pay special attention to both unique design and practicability in their usage.

Which metal garden decorations can be bought in our online shop?

Along with the different versions of our high-quality metal trellises (wall trellises and espaliers made of metal), our range of products is grouped in the following categories: twine pillars and garden twine obelisks made of metal; metal rose arches; rose arbors, pergolas and arcades; rose and plant support; metal planter boxes, separators, and fence systems; gazebos and rose pavilions. Most of our garden decorations are offered in our standard color black. On request, they can be coated in any RAL color. Along with the versions available in our online shop, we also offer custom-made products. Every model can be customized in your preferred size. We are happy to help you tailor your desired design and create individual metal trellises for your garden, ranging from rose arches to metal pergolas.


Metal garden arches and garden planters from our own production

Classic designs – top craftsmanship

Classic Garden Elements stands for quality and design. Since 1998 we have been making luxury products for private gardens and public parks. Whether it is a metal garden arch, a pergola, a trellis planter, a garden trellis, a garden obelisk or iron railings: We design and manufacture all to the highest guaranteed standards of craftsmanship.  With our 50-strong staff we are committed to your success in the garden. We offer you both standard and custom-made products.


Buy elegant, luxurious garden structures online

All our garden structures are from our own inhouse production. Made of welded heavy steel bands and tubing, they are hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated against rust. Each product comes with a 10-year guarantee.  As an optional service we can paint any item in an RAL-colour of your choice. For larger projects, our assembly team will be happy to carry out on-site construction work.  Classic Garden Elements provides expertise through each stage of your garden planning. You can always count on our advice and support.


Garden architecture for people who expect the best

Our company trademark – an ancient pinecone from the Vatican Museum in Rome – expresses perfectly the beauty and harmony of nature. The mould, created in 1997, is based on the original Etruscan model. With its timelessly appealing shape and material, the pinecone is emblematic of our company philosophy: fascinating gardens for contented customers.


Buy an exclusive garden arch or garden planter at our online shop

Our elegant metal trough planter as well as the metal garden arch combine clarity and style with the highest standard of craftsmanship.  They are more than supports for roses and climbers – they are also garden structures in their own right. Many of our designs have been inspired by the historical masterpieces of garden architecture, whether a romantic pergola with its intricate metalwork, stately garden planters or an enchanting garden obelisk. A metal pergola, a garden trellis or a rose arch made by Classic Garden Elements can be found in parks and gardens of renown all over the world. Covered in stunning displays of prize roses, they bring delight to visitors from spring through summer. It is well worth investing in premium plant supports and garden structures. Professional gardeners trust our products. With their hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated metal, our garden structures are highly weather resistant and come with a 10-year rust-free guarantee. Solid anchoring ensures that even a larger metal garden arch  or a spectacular arbour are secure and stable.  Whether a garden obelisk, a trellis planter or a garden archway: They are all perfect partners for roses and climbers, providing the support they need both in fair weather and in autumn storms. Buy them carefree and relaxed at our online shop.


What makes our products different?

For over 20 years, Classic Garden Elements has specialised in the manufacture of garden trellises, garden arches, garden planters and iron railings. All products on sale in our online shop are from our own production, where precision and quality are our top priorities. Thanks to our extensive cooperation with rose breeders and park owners, our company has developed a unique expertise. Our rose arch, wall trellis and garden obelisk are not just attractive to look at – each of them also meets the special needs of climbing plants, creating optimal conditions for dazzling floral displays. Each product has been designed to facilitate optimal mounting.  The design and hanging system of our wall trellis is made such to protect the surface of facades.  Anchoring systems for garden arches with gates, garden obelisks and gazebos are designed to minimise disturbance to your garden space. Metal planters have been built to allow them to be moved easily to winter quarters and on top can be bought with an intelligent easy self watering system. Whatever the product, we take great care to combine unique design with everyday practicality.


Which metal garden structures are available in our online shop?

In addition to a wide variety of high-class metal plant supports (garden trellis, garden obelisk, wall trellis, lawn edging and metal garden stakes) we offer a range of elegant garden architecture in the following categories: garden arbour seat, garden arch with planters, arch trellis, self watering planters, trellis planter, trough planter, garden pergola, pergola patio and arbour. Most of these metal garden structures are available in standard black. Upon request, they can also be painted in any RAL colour you choose.  In addition to our products available online, we also offer custom-made items. We can make any of our models to your specifics measurements or build garden structures to your special design. From garden archways to garden planters, we can also design and manufacture individual solutions for your garden.


Stable, weather resistant arch trellis with the distinctive pinecone finial

All our metal garden structures are made of welded heavy steel bands and tubing, and are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This is why we can confidently give a ten-year rust-free guarantee on every product. Headed by engineer Jozef Duris, our 50-strong staff produces garden archways of the highest quality. Every metal garden arch, every rose obelisk, every trellis planter is a work of art in its own right, as is our distinctive logo, an ancient pinecone from the Vatican Museum in Rome. The mould for the logo is based on an Etruscan model. It reflects the beauty of nature and tops even our smallest garden obelisks and of course many of our larger gazebos, pergolas and garden arches. Insiders instantly recognise it as a symbol of the quality of Classic Garden Elements garden structures.


Stylish garden architecture – arch trellis and trough planter made of metal

Throughout history, each different age has expressed its particular style through garden structures. Many Classic Garden Elements garden trellises have been inspired by bestselling classics whose popularity in the gardening world has spanned generations. Our ‘Versailles’ metal planters are based on the trough planter used in the orangery at the palace of Versailles. Made of high-quality steel, they preserve all the majestic charm of the wooden originals. Ideal for flowers or orange trees, these planters are also available with a metal trellis attached, such creating a trellis planter. In typical Victorian style, our metal ‘Victorian Rose Arch’ combines playful ornamentation with a defined structure – perfect for a romantic corner or indeed the entrance to your garden. In the summer months Rambler roses such as ‘Perennial Blue’ make it the most delightful haven of seclusion. Our ‘Portofino’ Romanesque garden arch combines the flair of Italy’s lifestyle with the grandeur of her architecture. As well as drawing on European tradition, Classic Garden Elements designers have also been inspired by contemporary or Asian styles and trends, creating products like our Bauhaus-style wall trellis or our ‘Torii’ Japanese gate. Both suited for ultra modern and Japanese gardens. All these can be bought at our online shop.


Elegant privacy fence, garden structure and eye-catcher in one

Metal fence panels are amazingly versatile. A popular option is to use free-standing metal fence panels to ensure privacy. You will find several elegant models under ‘Iron Railings and Metal Fence Panels’. With the right choice of plants, they will fit effortlessly into your garden. You may like the ‘Paravent’ metal railing with its playfully elegant curves. Or perhaps the minimalist design of the ‘Bauhaus’ metal fence panel is more to your taste? On top of that, a range of plant supports available at our online shop caters especially for rose lovers. Our cast-iron rose stakes ‘Jules Gavereaux’ are true companions for standard roses, perennials, lilies and many other plants. The Jean Vibert’ rose support allows you three different options for varying its height and circumference, depending on the size of your plants. And: All Classic Garden Elements metal plant supports are designed to act as well as eye-catchers for your garden. The ‘Piemonte’ metal pergola extends your ceilinged living space onto your terrace. The ‘St. Albans’ metal pergola is ideal for rose breeders seeking to display their treasures, and for other gardeners too. Our exclusive ‘Clematis’ and ‘Ravenna’ metal wall trellis is perfect for anyone wishing to enhance the facade of their house by planting climbers. Why not browse through our online shop? You are sure to find inspiration for the garden of your dreams.


How are metal plant supports mounted?

The construction and anchoring of our garden structures will vary depending on model and size. With small garden obelisks, metal plant supports, metal garden stakes and smaller rose supports, we supply post supports and drive-in ground sleeves. These will make it easy to anchor a plant support in the ground, even if you don’t have many handyman skills. Every metal rose arch, wall trellis, arbour and pergola is delivered with assembly instructions.  In some instances, a concrete foundation may be needed. As far as possible our garden structures are fully welded and often come in one piece – quality you can see. This makes assembly extremely easy. Our product description will also advise you whether you should seek professional help with the product assembly. In this case, you should engage the services of a local garden hard landscaping contractor. With larger projects such as a gazebo, a pergola, an elegant estate fencing or a French styled Treillage, Classic Garden Elements will undertake on-site assembly on request. From planning through manufacture and assembly we are happy to act as your full-service provider for luxurious elegant metal garden architecture.


Visual contrast of architectural line with twining plant

A pergola, an arbour or a garden arch are each a source of some of the most acute of all garden pleasures – the visual contrast of architectural line with twining plant, the gardenly satisfactions of plants trimly tied and trained (or wantonly trailing), the sensous dangling of fruit or flower just within reach – but above all perhaps, of the subtle interweaving of interior and exterior, the special feeling afforded only by garden structures like these of being both inside and outside at the time.Such Classic Garden Elements’ emphasis is both on excellent usability and a top design. Each must be perfection. Every of our garden structures is such itself a joy to the eye. It adorns the garden with its own special style, varying its charm from season to season. Our elegantly constructed garden archways, pergolas and traditional versailles planters blend harmoniously with the architecture of buildings and gardens alike. If you wish to buy exclusive metal garden structures, you can rely completely on our experience and benefit from our expertise and worldwide renown. Our online shop features all of our standard item. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you live in the UK and would like to get a direct impression of Classic Garden Elements we propose you visit the rose gardens of Peter Beales Roses in Attleborough, Norfolk, exhibiting a great variations of our garden structures.