Garden Obelisks & Pillars

"In the garden as in writing, punctuation is needed to clarify structure and meanings. A garden without punctuation is like prose without full stops or music without a beat."

Tony Lord about Garden Obelisks in his book “Designing with Roses”

Classic Garden Elements has created Garden Obelisks, Rose Pillars, Rose Umbrellas and special Garden Trellis Works, which are among the most beautiful supports for roses available to date.
A stunning emphasis for that special border filled with Roses. Classic, robust, delicately designed, immensely practical and useful; a focal point made to last for more than one generation: Garden Obelisk I, Garden Obelisk II, Rose Umbrella Giverny, Garden Trellis Charleston and those special garden trellises Beekman & Burlington. More recent developments are the Treillage Pillar Eltville, the Rose Pillar Malmaison and the halfround trellis Exedra.


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