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Hannibal Garden Obelisk



This metal garden obelisk will bring a touch of the American South to your garden

In 2018, to mark its 20th birthday, Classic Garden Elements extended its range of classic garden obelisks to include three new metal obelisks. The design of these new obelisks is based on historic American models, which – unlike those of Classic Garden Elements – were made out of wood. The Hannibal Garden Obelisk stands at 220 cm and has a diameter of 111 cm. This stable garden obelisk weighs 38 kilograms and the structure consists of one piece of metal.

This is a truly spectacular piece, with its exotic, almost tropical wings that branch out symmetrically on all four sides, conjuring up thoughts of palm trees and sunshine and glorious tropical beaches. In case you’re wondering, the rose obelisk is named after a town called Hannibal in Missouri, in the American South – not after the Carthaginian general and conqueror Hannibal Barca. This sleepy little town is actually the hometown of Mark Twain, the famous American writer and novelist. The original wooden Hannibal garden obelisk stood in the front garden of a small, pillared mansion. So … are you thinking of Gone with the Wind and Scarlett O’Hara yet?



Freestanding metal garden obelisk – the perfect, stylish garden decoration

What is it you’ve got in mind? Perhaps an eye-catching centrepiece? Or an attractive climbing support for your beloved roses? Or maybe something to add a little more privacy to your garden? Whichever it may be, a freestanding plant obelisk will rise to the challenge and add something special to any outside space.



Clematis, roses and other climbing plants will grow enthusiastically up this tall garden obelisk to an impressive height of 220 cm, adding glorious flashes of colour to spots where one would usually only expect to find greenery and foliage. When fully bedecked with blooms, this metal obelisk radiates elegance without forcing its way into the limelight. Since it fits in beautifully in everything from wild gardens to more modern spaces, quaint cottage gardens to luxurious spa grounds, the Hannibal Garden Obelisk is the perfect addition to any garden or outside space – so why not buy online now?


Short Description

At the centre of this stylish metal obelisk stands an 8×8-cm piece of steel tubing, from which four curved, palm-like wings made from 5-mm steel bands protrude at three different heights. The central post and the twelve side pieces are welded together during the production process so that they form a single metal structure, which is then hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This rose obelisk is not only extremely attractive but also completely weatherproof, and it comes with a ten-year rust-free guarantee. A 60-cm-long ground anchor ensures that the plant obelisk can be sturdily and safely secured into the ground. This stunning garden obelisk’s crowning glory is its elegant pine-cone finial, which is cast in aluminium and hand finished in our workshop. The obelisk comes as standard in black, but it can also be ordered in other RAL colours, if desired. This high-quality, eye-catching piece is available to buy online using our online shopping facility.

Product details

Hannibal Garden Obelisk
Item No.R34
Height220 cm
securing to the groundplus 60 cm
Diameter111 cm
Weight38 kg
What you receiveObelisk with one ground anchor
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£1,356.00