Garden Arches & Rose Arches

Like a door or a gate, Rose Arches can generate a feeling of joyful expectation.

They need not be merely decorative but can give the garden a lofty dimension and, with romantic vistas and an abundance of flowers, unerringly draw the eye towards new and different areas.

The shortest form of a tunnel is an arch, a Garden Arch or a Rose Arch. Its most obvious site is at the entrance to a garden or to a garden “room” where, like the foyer of a theatre, it sets the mood for what is to come. A well designed Garden Arch is a scene-setter and may create the illusion that the garden is bigger than it is. Classic Garden Elements offers two principal designs: The Victorian Rose Arch with its slightly curved form brings to mind the elegance of gothic arches: Victorian Rose Arch Kiftsgate and Victorian Rose Arch Brighton. The round topped Garden Arches please with clear and simple features: Garden Arch Bagatelle, and Half-Arch Bagatelle and Garden Arch Portofino.


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