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Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch

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The ‘Bagatelle’ Garden Arch is topped with a perfect semi-circle (180 degrees), which means that the span-to-rise ratio is always 2:1. The wider an arch, the higher it will have to be in order to maintain its proportions.

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Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch

Structure made from 0.59” (1.5 cm) steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanised and powder coated black. Must be firmly secured to the ground using eight steel anchors in concrete (provided). Please secure the help of an expert (hard landscaper) for the assembly and installation. Other colours on request. 10 years guarantee against rust.


Classic Wrought-Iron Round-Top Garden Arch

These classic wrought-iron garden arches carry with ease the heavy splendour of countless rose blooms. Standing in line, one after the other, the round-top garden arches can form a romantic arcade leading perhaps to a statue, a bench or a fountain. Their dimensions are calculated to allow plenty of headroom. Even in early summer, when cloaked with a canopy of sumptuous colour, the arches remain invitingly spacious. Moreover, if trained to grow horizontally (or at least at an angle), climbing roses will produce significantly more branches and blooms. So, why not take advantage of the generous width of the Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch to enhance your display?


Compare metal galvanised & powder coated garden arches with heavy timber garden arches

Metal garden arches are generally lighter, airier and less obtrusive than garden arches of solid timber. They exude an air of casualness, despite their formal appearance, making them suitable for those parts of the garden further away from the house or other buildings. Whether as a garden entrance portal, or standing at the beginning, middle or end of the main pathway, the Classic Garden Elements Bagatelle Arch Garden Arch, with its attractive diamond lattice, is an expression of timeless simplicity.


Metal Round-Top Garden Arch featuring a perfect semi-circle

The Bagatelle arch top is a perfect semi-circle (180 degrees), which means that the span-to-rise ratio is always 2:1. The wider an arch, the higher it will have to be in order to maintain its proportions. Perfected by the Romans and used for a variety of purposes, semi-circular arches were the dominant technology in arch construction up to Romanesque era. Since then they have featured recurrently over the centuries in the world of garden design – as garden gates, wall openings, formal clipped hedges or plant climbing frames.


A round-top garden arch will make a great eye-catcher in every garden

Climbing roses, with their beautiful blooms, numerous shapes and colours, and fragrance at nose level, are the ideal partner for a wrought-iron garden arch. As many gardens become smaller in area, it makes sense to exploit the third dimension. Climbing roses can ascend walls and fences, columns and obelisks, pergolas and arches. Playfully enveloping sharp angles in their flowering foliage, they offer workable solutions for country and cottage gardens. In Feng Shui garden design, too, ramblers and garden arches can be used to create greater harmony. And if, for any reason, you prefer not to use roses, there is a huge choice of other climbers – clematis, sweet pea, morning glory and many more – with the help of which you can make your garden arch a sensational focal point in your garden.


Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch
Item No.R5-160-CR5-180-CR5-200-C
Height8'6'' / 260 cm8'11'' / 270 cm9'2'' / 280 cm
Width5'3'' / 160 cm5'11'' / 180 cm6'7'' / 200 cm
Depth1'7'' / 50 cm1'7'' / 50 cm1'7'' / 50 cm
Weight66 .lbs / 30 kg68 .lbs / 31 kg70 .lbs / 32 kg
Technical drawingPDFPDFPDF
Price incl VAT:610,00 £650,00 £690,00 £



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