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Peter Beales Roses & Classic Garden Elements

It all started in 2001 at the Hex Rose Festival in Belgium. One morning, two visitors came by our stand. They were Richard Beales and Ian Limmer of Peter Beales Roses in Attleborough. Impressed by our garden obelisks, rose arches and Victorian arbour, they invited us to exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show 2002. Such just a year later, we were celebrating our Chelsea premiere as the first German exhibitor to take part in the event. Three years further on, in 2005, we received the Certificate of Merit, the Royal Horticultural Society’s highest award for exhibitors of garden structures.


Every year now,  since 2002, Peter Beales Roses presents their roses at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show on garden trellises made by Classic Garden Elements. This is a story of the worlds most stunning, most beautiful roses growing on super solid, yet superbly elegant metal garden structures. A very very happy story.                                                                                                                                                       


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Peter Beales Roses

Peter Beales Roses

Why Peter Beales Roses?

Looking to grow roses and add some flair to your garden? Peter Beales is the place to get you started. These gardens and rose experts have the tools and the knowledge to allow you to transform your garden into the romantic space of your dreams. Peter Beales offers a wide range of roses, plants, tools, structures and supports to be able to create the space you are hoping for.


Peter Beales Roses

Peter Beales is known for its high quality and large variety of roses, grown by expert rosarians. They have bush roses, climbing roses, rambling roses, shrub roses, modern standard roses and more available. The flowers come in a variety of shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and so much more. Rose lovers are bound to find the ideal roses for their garden space, and will receive expert advice on how to best care for them.


Peter Beales Plants

Even though Peter Beales specialises in roses, they believe that roses can be complemented by other plants, so they also offer a number of different plant species. These include clematis, climbers, perennials and shrubs. These are plants that will allow your roses to shine while still adding to the feel and aesthetic of the space.

Garden Essentials

High quality tools are essential for any avid gardener, and the good news is that Peter Beales offers all the necessary garden tools to help you achieve a healthy and well looked after garden. From pruners to sheers to trowels and gloves, you’ll find everything you need. With these tools you are able to look after your roses and other plants for many years to come.


Plant Feeds and Pest Control

The plant feeds and pest control products that Peter Beales offers have been recommended by experts to allow your roses and other plants to thrive. They offer the ideal feeding mixes as well as different pest controls to protect your roses and plants.


Structures and Supports

Roses are a timeless statement piece on their own, but why not get creative and inspired and allow them to become the centrepiece of your garden? It adds that extra sense of style and adds unique elements to your garden to really make it your own.

Metal Garden Arches and Archways

Garden arches are the perfect feature to really add a touch of romance to your outdoor space, especially once the arches are covered in climbing roses. Peter Beales has a large number of arches of different shapes and sizes to fit into any type of garden. Whether you are looking for a standard arch, an arch with a bench, fence or gate, or you’re looking for a feature to divide areas in your garden, Peter Beales offers all these options. Some of the unique pieces on offer include a Japanese Gate, a half rounded arch, rounded arches and Brighton arches. They are all made of steel and are available in over 100 colours, so everyone can find the arch that suits them!


Metal Garden Obelisks

No matter the size of the area where you want to plant your roses, Peter Beales has obelisks of all shapes and sizes to suit you and be that focal point you have been looking for. These freestanding obelisks allow you to expand upwards, if you don’t have the opportunity to grow outwards. They are the ideal support for your roses to let them grow and flourish. The obelisks are made from durable steel and can be ordered in over 100 colours. They come in a variety of shapes including pyramids, spirals, tube shapes, walls and so much more.


Metal Arbours and Pergolas

Are you looking to create a romantic oasis surrounded by the sweet scent of roses? Then we highly recommend the Peter Beales metal arbours and pergolas. Allow your roses to grow to their full potential around these steel support structures and create a sacred space in your garden! These are larger structures, but still come in multiple different shapes and sizes, and are versatile and flexible. They are available in single arch form and multiple arch form, and come in sizes between 2 metres and 4.5 metres high. They are also available in multiple different colours to suit your taste and your garden.

Why Choose a Structure for Your Roses?

Roses are a timeless statement piece on their own, but why not get creative and inspired and allow them to become the centrepiece of your garden? It adds that extra sense of style and adds unique elements to your garden to really make it your own. It also goes so much further than just the aesthetics. These structures and supports allow your climbing roses to grow to their full potential. Healthy plants also means a healthy ecosystem and hopefully this attracts the right wildlife to your garden to keep it thriving. It’s the ideal way to integrate human-made pieces with nature which allows for a good flow in your garden space.


Why Choose Peter Beales?

Peter Beales has been a leader in the rose and gardening industry since 1968. They also have over 20 years of experience in being a structure and support manufacturer, so they really are experts in the field. All their products are made of the highest quality materials that are durable outdoors, so you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy them, and enjoy your roses, for many years to come. If you have questions, they have answers! They are the ideal partner to help provide you with the rose garden of your dreams. Peter Beales is here to help you, your roses and your garden thrive. Their structure and supports are all available online as well as in stores. Their staff are experts in the field and are available for questions or any help needed.