Modular Trelliswork & Fences

The modular trellis systems made by Classic Garden Elements may be used to create anything from a simple decorative fence to a stately architectural feature.

Apart from their obvious screening application they divide and compartmentalise large areas, enclose or delineate spaces, create focal points and frame vistas.

Less is here more – as proclaims an often used maxim. The art of restricting oneself finds its expression in clear forms and concentrates itself in a valuable manner to the substantial: Timelessness and perfection. All our systems, whether the modernist ‘Bauhaus’, the classic-modern ‘Paravent’ or the traditional ‘Restaurant’ meet these requisites. As an elegant fence they surround splendid modern or traditional private gardens. In hotels, on golf courses or in thermal baths these trellises divide areas and create new environments. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial use, indoors and out, where durability and good aesthetic appearance are important.


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