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Restaurant Trellis Divider

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Restaurant trellis divider product details

The trellis structure is made from 1.18” (3 cm) steel tubing and (0.79” (2 cm) steel bands. The poles are made from (3.15” (8 cm) steel tubing, and the full piece has been hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Other colours are available upon request, but at an additional cost. You can choose between pine cone or ball finials to top the poles. Both have been cast in Aluminium.

How to choose the Poles

The steel poles are available as corner poles, end poles and intermediate poles for either bolting down or concreting into the ground. The poles need to be ordered separately in addition to the trellis structures. Please indicate the kind of pole required.

How to install the Restaurant Trellis Divider

Bespoke items


We advise that you seek the assistance of a specialist contractor (hard landscaper) to install the panels. Check our technical drawing for details. Bespoke item requests are possible, where we can make the pieces specifically to your desired size and requirement. All pieces come with a 10 year guarantee against rust.



High-Class Fencing for a Refined Ambience

Less is more, as the common saying goes. The art of reduction lives from clear contours and from a focus on essentials such as precision and timelessness. These core principles are embodied in the ‘Restaurant’ trellis divider made by Classic Garden Elements. Modern and yet classical. A stylish solution in steel for anyone wishing to create an atmosphere of repose – in hotel grounds, restaurants, golf clubs or thermal baths. Do you sometimes long for seclusion? Perhaps you are looking for an attractive railing for your balcony, or for a small privacy screen for your patio or terrace? Or maybe you wish to improve the fencing around your house and garden? With its massive posts and solid construction, the ‘Restaurant’ trellis space divider will make an imposing boundary to your property. Elegant design always stands out, and not just when facing the street.




This trellis can be made to measure

When covered in rose blooms, the ‘Restaurant’ trellis divider will easily take centre stage in your garden. Long-stem rose breeds will thrive on it, branching into a mass of fragrant colour. Open fencing is ideal for climbing roses, which will produce countless blossoms. Almost every bud-eye will produce a shoot if you weave the supple rose stems horizontally into the latticework. (Interweaving in this way is possible with trellis fencing – in contrast to wall trellises, on which roses must be attached only to the front of the latticework to facilitate pruning). In these airy conditions, your roses will flourish more than when growing in front of a wall.


In the UK, you will not normally need planning permission for back garden walls or fencing less than 2 metres (6′ 6”) high. For front gardens, the limit is 1 metre (3′ 3”). Different regulations may, however, apply if you live in a conservation area. If in doubt, consult your local planning authority. If you wish to upgrade your fencing, it also advisable to talk your neighbour. In the case of a fence between two back gardens, it is not always clear where ownership and responsibility for maintenance lie. It therefore makes sense to reach an amicable agreement before work starts.


Short Description

Although we often see half sized trellis dividers used in restaurants and other commercial settings, it can also be used in domestic settings to improve the overall appearance of your garden. It’s elegant design is appealing to the eye no matter which side you’re facing, and it’s beauty is enough to needn’t require anything else. However you have the option to add roses and vines through the criss-cross design in the fencing for a more unique and pretty look.

Product details

Restaurant Trellis
Product nameRestaurant PoleRestaurant Trellis
Item No.R15R14
Height3'7'' / 110 cm2'7'' / 80 cm
Width3.15'' / 8 cm3'8'' / 112 cm
Weight22 .lbs / 10 kg40 .lbs / 18,5 kg
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