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De Rigueur Wall Trellis



De Rigueur Wall Trellis

The De Rigueur Wall Trellis is our bestselling Wall Trellis. Due to its size and design it fits most situations without imposing itself. Structures R9-1 made from 0.59” / 1.5 cm steel tubing and steel bands. The price is for a set of two wall trellises.


Structure R9-1 made from 0.59” (1.5 cm) steel tubing and steel bands. Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated black. Attachment hooks provided for a recommended wall-trellis distance of 3.94” (10 cm). Not included are wall plugs and screws. Other colours on request. 10 years guarantee against rust. 10 years guarantee against rust. Available only in packs of two.


All of our metal wall trellises are of the highest quality. Today they can be found in everything from private gardens to castle grounds, museums to public parks.


Diamond Patterned Wall Trellises for Roses and Clematis


The De Rigueur Wall Trellis is in a class of its own. Its wrought-iron quality sets it apart from other products on the market, so that even when left unplanted it lends character to otherwise plain walls. Once covered with plants, the De Rigeur serves as a beautiful link between house and garden, the perfect partner for roses and clematis. Vigorous climbing roses in particular will appreciate its stability. Unlike more rustic wooden trellises, this metal frame will not need to be treated annually with protection agents (some of which are at least partially toxic). Thanks to a 10-centimetre gap between the trellis and the wall, air can circulate freely and there is no problem with dampness. To make pruning easier, rose shoots should always be attached at the front of the frame and not be allowed to grow in and out of the latticework.


Growing roses on wall trellises – A few tips


Roses can scale the walls of a house up to second floor and beyond. At loftier heights they will require an agile gardener, as they still need to be pruned, and will have to be tied to the upper part of the trellis. This is one point to consider when deciding how high your roses should grow. Long and high walls are ideal for vigorous-growing roses, and also for other strong climbing plants such as clematis, which not only complement the rose but can also disguise bare patches lower down the plant. To be sure of a profusion of blooms, it is important for your plant to have optimal growing conditions.


Climbing roses need a good deal of space to spread out horizontally, essential for producing rich blooms and foliage and for keeping bare shoots to a minimum. By nature, climbers are stiff-stemmed and unyielding, which is why they should never be planted in too narrow a space, for example between two closely-set windows. For such spaces it is preferable to choose ramblers with their more flexible canes or hybrids of wild roses with long, soft and supple shoots. For smaller gardens there are many weaker-growing, repeat-blooming varieties to choose from.


Classic Garden Elements’ De Rigueur for every rose lover


For centuries, diamond-patterned trellises have had a place in the stately gardens of Italy, France and Great Britain. They are ideal for training all varieties of climbing rose. Classic Garden Elements’ De Rigueur is a must for every rose lover, incomparable in its aesthetic appeal and highly practical and versatile. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, as a solitaire, or in pairs or groups. If you wish your metal wall trellises to remain partly visible beneath the plants, it will be important to consider colour. While deep black is our standard – the classic option for wrought iron and the most popular choice by far – we will be happy to offer different colours on request.


Product details

De Rigueur Trellis
Item No.R9-1
Height5'11'' / 180 cm
Width1'7'' / 50 cm
Depth0.59'' / 1,5 cm
Weight, each14.6 .lbs / 6,5 kg
What you receiveTwo trellises each with four attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£672.00