All products meet the highest quality criteria

Classic Garden Elements manufactures solely to the highest possible quality at our own forge. We start by using heavy steel bands and steel tubing. These are welded together and the welded parts are subsequently galvanized by hot-dip at 460°C (860°F). Such galvanization is also effected in the rust-prone welded areas and inside the tubes. In an oven burning at 200°C (392°F) the welded and galvanized parts are given a colour powder coating. At that temperature the colour and the sand-brushed galvanized surface fuse to create that extremely weather resistant surface mutual to all our elements. Our Pinecone Finial is cast in Aluminium and powder coated at the same high temperature as the galvanized parts. It weighs almost 2 kg (4.4 .lbs). The nuts and bolts we use are made from stainless steel.

All our structures are guaranteed to be fully weatherrelated rust proof for 10 years. However, should solely such rust occur during this period, our liability is strictly limited to either exchange the item or refund the invoice amount upon its return to us.



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