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Croome Treillage Panel Set



The Croome Treillage Panel Set – key details

Included in the price are three metal garden trellises: two narrow wall trellis panels measuring 44 x 200 cm and one large trompe- l’œil wall trellis that measures 100 x 200 cm. This large, central perspective trellis panel creates a wonderful sense of depth and space. Finally, we also provide the appropriate hooks for hanging the three garden trellises. Using these hooks ensures you mount the structures at the recommended distance from the façade – 10 cm. All you’ll need to pick up from your local DIY shop are the screws and fasteners to attach the hooks to the wall. Then you’re ready to get to work!


A perspective wall trellis – the perfect way to create a sense of space


One of the most eye-catching aspects of the Croome Treillage Panel Set is the 3D effect created by the perspective garden trellis that stands proudly in the middle of this set. Architects and landscape gardeners know how to use these trompe-l’œil elements to great effect – they are a truly fantastic way of creating space along narrow paths, in courtyards and in small gardens. Perspective trellis panels give us the impression that we are gazing into the distance, an effect that makes them a wonderful and magical focal point in gardens big and small.


Three-part wall-mounted trellis, perfect for large façades


The Croome Treillage Panel Set has a width of at least 188 cm, depending on how you position the three wall trellis panels. The two narrow wall trellises measure 44 x 200 cm, whilst the central trompe-l’œil garden trellis measures 100 x 200 cm. You can decide how to position the three wall trellis panels based on the space available – if you have a smaller façade, you might want to mount them closer together than if you have a larger wall. Our recommendation is to have gaps of 10 cm between the central wall trellis panel and the two narrow side wall trellises. To allow enough space for this impressive wall-mounted trellis, the façade should be at least 300 cm wide. If you have an especially wide façade, you could even flank the Croome Treillage Panel Set with the two wall trellis panels of the Croome Espalier Trellis to make a truly breathtaking wall display.


Weatherproof metal wall trellis available to buy online


Thanks to the fact that it has been hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, the three-part Croome Espalier Trellis is rustproof and weatherproof, so it will last a lifetime. It’s a long-term investment that will still be bringing joy to your family years down the line. This striking wrought-iron trellis adds interest and a sense of structure to plain external walls that have neither windows nor other noteworthy features. The clean lines of the structure’s design and the shadows it casts play a big part in this – as does the colour you choose for it. For example, a black wrought-iron trellis looks especially eye-catching mounted on a white or light-coloured wall. These design elements often make more difference to the overall look and feel of the space than the plants do – although choosing the right vegetation for your outdoor wall trellis is, of course, still important. Like all of our other metal wall trellises, the Croome Espalier Trellis is available to buy online. The process is incredibly simple – you could even order your dream garden trellis right now if you wanted to, using our straightforward and user-friendly online shopping facility!


Solid metal garden trellis with unique, historical design


The unusual design of the Croome Treillage Panel Set is based on the classic French treillage frames. There is a long history and tradition behind these beautiful structures. We know from murals in Pompeii that treillage frames were used in gardens in Ancient Rome. Back then, they would have been made out of wood – unlike our garden trellises, which are made from stable, long-lasting metal. At 60 kg, the Croome Treillage Panel Set is the perfect solid growing support for roses, capable of taking their weight even when they’re in full bloom at the height of summer. So if you want to bring a touch of historical charm to you garden and, at the same time, provide your roses and other climbers with reliable climbing support, then look no further than the Croome Treillage Panel Set!


Short Description

This gorgeous three-part garden trellis is hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black. However, on request, we can produce it in an alternative colour – you can choose any RAL colour that you like! The outer frame of each of the three wall trellis panels is made out of welded steel tubing that is 2 cm thick, and for the inner latticework sections we use 2-cm steel bands. To manufacture each wall trellis, all of these separate steel elements are welded together by hand to produce one solid, sturdy structure. Our products are all rustproof, and we offer a ten-year rust-free guarantee on them all.

Product details

Croome Treillage Panel Set
Item No.R9-36
Height6’ 7’’ / 200 cm
Width208 cm
Depth2 cm
Weight, each60 kg
What you receiveThree trellises with nine attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£2,868.00