Garden Arches, Planters and Structures in the Colour of Your Choice


Black is the traditional, widely-accepted colour for wrought-iron garden archways, trellis planters, gazebos, iron railings, garden trellises and garden obelisks. That’s why all Classic Garden Elements standard garden structures are powder coated in black matt. However, if you would prefer a different colour, that’s also possible. In this case, you would simply need to choose your desired colour (and its RAL number) from one of the three colour groups below and add it when placing your order. Once you have done so, a one-off surcharge will be added to your order. ‘One-off’ means that we will charge just once per colour, irrespective of how many products you order in that colour. This additional charge varies, depending which colour you choose. We charge just an additional £80 for the more common colours but a bit more for special, less common colours. For our standard colour, RAL 9005/Jet Black, there is no surcharge.

How you order the colour of your choice

When you need a different colour other than black, please search below the colour you need within the three colour groups. Write down the colour group and the RAL colour number and name. When ordering your item online you add your colour choice as follows: 1. Select the colour group from the drop-down menu labelled ‘Select your colour’. 2.Write the colour name and number in the window labelled ‘RAL COLOUR NO.’ Please be advised that some colours feature only names and no numbers.

Select the colour of your choice from these three Colour Groups


Colour 01
Extra charge  £80,00

RAL 1015 Light Ivory, RAL 3005 Wine red, RAL 5014 Pigeon blue, RAL 6000 Patina green, RAL 6005 Moss green, RAL 6009 Fir green, RAL 6012 Black green, RAL 6021 Pale green, RAL 7016 Anthracite grey, RAL 7024 Graphite grey, RAL 7035 Light grey, RAL 9003 Signal white, RAL 9010 Pure white, RAL 9016 Traffic white.



Colour 02
Extra charge  £130,00

A selection of most other RAL Colours not included in Colour Group 01. Please have a look here to see what is available for powder coating.



Colour 03
Extra charge  £200,00

A selection of special colours we offer. Have a look in our picture gallery where they are featured both cube shaped and ball shaped. These two shapes reflect the light in such ways as to give you a good idea how the colour will look in real. DB703 Dark grey, RAL 9006 White aluminium, RAL 9007 Grey aluminium, Copper Light, Marrone 03 Metallic, Rusty Iron, Sterling Silver and Kendon Gold.


A Little Advice on Colour

With the passing of the seasons, a layer of pollen and algae gathers on the surface of our garden structures, which forms an attractive patina over the years. Our standard black-matt colour weathers with dignity – which is also true of dark green and similar darker colours. Light, creamy or white colours do not, however, improve with age. To ensure that they continue to look good, they will need to be freshened up regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about a colour you are considering. You can email us on

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