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Geneva Garden Obelisk



The freestanding Geneva Garden Obelisk – ideal for roses and other climbing plants

With a height of 220 cm and a diameter of 128 cm, the Geneva Garden Obelisk is a fantastic choice for roses and climbing plants of all kinds. Weighing in at 47 kilograms, this large garden obelisk is sturdy and secure and will support your flowers and plants for years to come. Its unusual design, with 28 horizontal, arrow-shaped bars protruding from all four sides of the central upright, is sure to grab the attention of anyone in its vicinity.

For those interested in this garden obelisk’s back story, it is named after the town of Geneva in the U.S. state of New York. There, in Ontario County, wine is produced, and in fact, the original wooden obelisk that was the inspiration for our Geneva Garden Obelisk was actually designed by a particularly creative American vintner. The story goes that he grew his vines along the cross beams of this garden obelisk – and as far as we’re concerned, anything that’s good enough for vines is good enough for roses, too.



Extravagant metal rose obelisk and climbing support

For ambitious rose growers, this metal plant obelisk is an attractive way of presenting stunning climbing roses. The horizontal bars are the ideal thing to tie rose shoots and branches to – and thanks to the decorative finials, they’re not just practical but attractive too. Yet it’s not just roses that are well suited to metal garden obelisks. Annual climbing plants such as Japanese hops and cathedral bells will scale the garden obelisk in next to no time, whilst perennial climbers like clematis will transform your metal rose obelisk into a striking centrepiece that catches the eye, year after year.



Modern garden decoration – metal garden obelisks

Even before it’s covered in flowers, the Geneva Garden Obelisk stands tall and proud – an elegant and noble design feature in its own right. This hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated plant obelisk can be individually designed and decorated to suit the style of any garden. Large garden obelisks like this need to be firmly secured into concrete foundations, something that is not usually necessary for smaller plant obelisks. Compared to garden obelisks made from willow or wood, metal obelisks are much more stable and thus better able to withstand the forces of nature. They will also stand the test of time much better than less durable willow or wooden obelisks. Thus, it’s safe to say that our metal garden obelisks will still be bringing you – and your grandchildren! – joy in many years to come. Buy online now, using our convenient online shopping facility.


Short Description

At the heart of this rose obelisk is a four-sided piece of steel tubing measuring eight by eight cm. From this central upright, 28 steel bars protrude, all of which are shaped like arrows and measure two by two cm. The finials on each of these bars have been cast in iron. The decorative Classic Garden Elements pine cone, which stands proudly atop this stylish garden obelisk, is cast in aluminium and hand finished. This metal obelisk, which has been hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black, comes with a ten-year rust-free guarantee, and, like all of our metal garden structures, is available to buy online. Before installing the garden obelisk, the 28 arrow-shaped steel bars need to be screwed into the upright, a simple process that doesn’t take long. The metal obelisk can then be firmly secured into a concrete foundation using the 60-cm-long ground anchor that is included with the rose obelisk as standard.

Product details

Geneva Garden Obelisk
Item No.R35
Height220 cm
securing to the groundplus 60 cm
Diameter128 cm
Weight47 kg
What you receiveObelisk with one ground anchor
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£1,356.00