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Malmaison Pyramid Garden Obelisk

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Malmaison Pyramid Garden Obelisk

The “Malmaison” is made of 1.57” (4 cm) steel tubing and 0.79” (2 cm) steel-bands. Hot-dip galvanised and powder coated black. The Pinecone Finial is cast in aluminium. The “Malmaison” needs to be firmly secured to the ground using four steel anchors (provided) put in concrete. It is made in one single piece. Other colours on request. 10 years guarantee against rust.


Pyramid Garden Obelisk: Imperial Splendour for your Rose Garden

Focal points are essential to every successful garden design. What makes them so indispensable is the way in which they structure our spatial impressions. A path that leads nowhere rarely succeeds in rousing our interest. What creates a sense of suspense is a judiciously placed bench, a pavilion, a sculpture or a striking column. Focal points such as these give a garden a coherent structure when viewed from different perspectives, transforming it into a succession of breath-taking images.


Are you looking for an eye-catching structure to create a focal point in your garden? If so, you need look no further than this spectacular pyramid garden obelisk. With our Malmaison Pyramid Garden Obelisk you can lend your garden a distinctively personal note. It really is the perfect focal point, bringing imperial splendour to your rose garden. We have named this magnificent pyramid in recognition of the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon I. It was she who created Europe’s first rosarium at Malmaison Park.


Pyramid Garden Obelisks for Roses and Clematis

The first granite obelisks and pyramids – rays of the sun god made stone – were erected thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. They were built to create a spiritual link between the human world and the ancient Egyptian deities. These stone monoliths have one thing in common with the metal pyramids which can be found in the gardens of our day: their shape. While their religious significance has long faded, their powerful geometric forms are now prized for their uniquely decorative qualities. As a support for climbing plants, the pyramid introduces into your garden an intriguingly new dimension of exquisite colour and blissful spirituality. While clematis will grow unaided along the decorative pyramid frames, roses will need to be tied in place..


Tips on training roses to a Pyramid Garden Obelisk

Whether mounted in a row along a garden path, or fitted as solitaires on the lawn, the rose-covered metal pyramid is a stunning sight, combining clarity and picturesque charm. To ensure that a pyramid keeps its visual impact, at least half of it should be visible above the surrounding plants. The ideal height lies somewhere between 2 and 2.5 metres. For rose pyramids of this size it is best to choose roses that reach a maximum height of 2.5 to 3 metres. Old roses with long and soft shoots are ideal, as are modern shrub and small shrub roses, as well as slow-growing climbing roses. Always train the flexible shoots along the outside of the rose pyramid. If you train ramblers to grow in a spiral, you can be sure that nearly every eye will produce a new flowering shoot. Roses and clematis count as the ideal couple, but only if similar in size with compatible blooms. It is therefore a good idea to allow the roses an advance start of one to two years.


Short Description

The “Malmaison” Pyramid Garden Obelisk serves two purposes: It works as an extremely solid climbing structure for roses as well as a kind of statue or sculpture, contributing archictectural interest and personal style. The “Malmaison” is made in one single piece. Please allow ca. four weeks for truck delivery.

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Malmaison Pyramid Garden Obelisk
Product nameMalmaison Pyramid Obelisk ParkMalmaison Pyramid Obelisk Garden
Item No.R3-SR3
Height300 cm7'5'' / 226 cm
securing to the groundplus 1'7'' / 50 cm steel anchorsplus 1'7'' / 50 cm steel anchors
Size (at the base)77 x 77 cm2'x2' / 60x60 cm
Weight90 kg132 lbs / 60 kg
What you receiveObelisk with four ground anchorsObelisk with four ground anchors
Technical drawingPDFPDF
Assembling tipsPDFPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own vanDelivered using our own van
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