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Metal Garden Arbour Seats

It’s always lovely to sit in the garden or on your patio on a fine day and enjoy the fresh air – but it’s especially wonderful if you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers and blooms. Who doesn’t enjoy taking the time to sit on a garden bench and watch butterflies as they flit from flower to flower, or perhaps observe a bee as it goes about its work? Taking these moments to stop and enjoy the nature around you means that you notice how the garden changes, day by day and season by season. A bench under a garden arch is a wonderful spot from which to do this – it almost feels as if you’re sat under a tree. In a way it’s actually better: because you’re on a bench rather than the ground, you’re even closer to the surrounding nature. Sat on the integrated metal bench with the garden arch above your head, you can take a moment for yourself. You can dream. You can relax. Even if it’s not stood in a glorious garden or a picture-perfect park, a garden arbour with bench can be counted on to whisk you away to your very own floral oasis. It’s also very flexible: a garden arch with seat can be integrated into gardens and open spaces in various ways.

A Garden Arbour with Bench – Exclusive Seating for Your Front Garden

Your front garden is on display for all to see. It welcomes both family and friends when they arrive at your home. A well-placed arbour seat in your front garden is sure to make your garden and home appear cosy, warm and welcoming. Children will quickly find ways to use the stable garden arch and its robust iron bench as they play. Adults will enjoy taking a moment or two longer to catch up with neighbours and friends as they sit together on the bench and chat. It’s a spot for everyone in the family to retreat to and enjoy. A garden bench with arch can be enjoyed as a freestanding element in the middle of the garden or be placed in front of a hedge or wall. It can even form part of the boundary of your property, if you buy our garden arch, bench and fence set. And these arbour benches are not only suitable for private gardens – they make an equally good addition to the green spaces around residential complexes and office blocks. Gardens that were once nothing more than thoroughfares can be transformed into spaces that invite you to stay a while – simply by adding a spot to sit, where you can gaze up at the flowers above.

A Cosy Corner on the Patio – a Garden Bench with Arch

The good old garden swing seat has had its day and been replaced by a bench under an iron garden arch. This compact duo of bench and arch can be used to demarcate the edge of your patio or decorate the wall of your house. When flanked on each side by a flower bed, the garden arbour seems to soar upwards from between the two. To sit in such a spot is nothing short of magical. From the bench, rose growers can watch their favourite specimens grow and come into bloom. Tea-lovers can enjoy their afternoon brew surrounded by the delicate scent of rose blossoms. And it’s not just climbing roses that are at home on a garden arbour. Both perennial climbers – such as clematis – and annual climbers will grow well on a metal garden arch. They will quickly turn your garden arbour seat into a beautiful, shady spot – the perfect place to while away the hours in the height of summer. In spring and autumn, it’s lovely to sit on the bench and catch some rays. If you’d like an arbour seat on your patio or roof terrace, then your best bet is to go for a bench combination – with garden arch, bench and planter. This freestanding version doesn’t need to be anchored into the ground, making it ideal for balconies, patios and terraces.

Hot-Dip Galvanised Iron Arbour Seats – Robust and Weatherproof

Forged from iron, hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, our arbour seats can stay in the garden all year round. Neither rain, snow nor frost will damage a metal garden arch with seat. In fact, unlike a garden bench made of plastic or wood, an iron arbour bench will last a lifetime. The integrated seatback gives the arch stability and makes it a most comfortable place to sit. It’s better still if you add in some cushions. We recommend choosing ones filled with kapok – a natural silk cotton that can withstand a light summer rain shower and dries quickly. Kapok cushions are not only extremely robust, they’re also highly decorative.

Garden Arbour Seats – Online Shopping Options

In the Classic Garden Elements online shop, you will find a wide range of metal arbour seats and accessories. With our easy-to-use online shopping facility, you can buy online today and be the proud owner of an exclusive arbour seat in just six weeks’ time. If you would like an arbour seat in a different size or you’d like to order the set in a different colour, please get in touch. We would love to help you make all your garden arbour dreams come true!

Metal arbour seats available to buy online using online shopping facility

In every garden or terrace there are a couple of spots that are just perfect for sitting and relaxing a while – but to make these spaces truly cosy and magical, you need to be surrounded by flowers. For example, perhaps you like to sit and watch the butterflies flitting from flower to flower or observe how the garden slowly changes, day by day. And what better place to do this than on an arbour seat, sat below a garden arch covered in flowers and foliage? It’s almost like sitting under a tree, and you’re so close to the nature around you that you almost feel part of it. On a garden arbour seat, you can sit back, relax and let your thoughts wander. Whatever the surroundings, from wild, overgrown garden to modern terrace, an arbour seat will create a space for contemplation and reflection – your own little floral oasis.

Arbour seats: exclusive seating for your front garden

The front garden is one of the first things that guests to your house see. They may admire it as they walk up the garden path or stop to smell a rose or two on their way home. So why not make it as inviting as possible? One way of doing this is by installing a garden arbour with bench, which will immediately make the space feel welcoming and friendly. In next to no time, your kids will start to incorporate the metal arbour seat into their outside games. You’ll chat to your neighbour for a moment or two longer as you both enjoy the cosy, flower-filled spot. The whole family, and probably many a guest, will enjoy a quiet moment spent sat on your wonderful new arbour seat. A Classic Garden Elements garden arch with seat can be installed in your front garden as a freestanding element, for example in front of a hedge or wall. But we also offer our garden arbour seats as part of various sets that include metal garden fencing. This allows the arbour bench to become part of the boundary that runs around your property. An arbour seat can be a great addition to public or professional spaces too, such as in communal areas of housing developments or in the garden in front of your office. Thus, spaces that one used to simply pass through can be transformed into little oases of calm and contemplation.

Creating a cosy corner on your terrace with an arbour seat

Once upon a time, it was all the rage to have a garden swing, but those times have passed. Today it’s all about arbour seats, and they’re not just suited to gardens. A terrace is also a great spot for an arbour bench. For example, they can be used to mark the edge of your terrace or stand decoratively in front of a house wall. Wherever you decide to position your new garden bench with arch, one thing’s for sure: it will become a truly magical little spot! Rose growers will be able to sit a while and watch their favourite roses grow or enjoy the heady scent of the flowers above them as they drink their afternoon tea. When it comes to which plants to grow up and over the garden arch, think outside the box. Apart from climbing roses, you could also consider clematis and other annual or perennial climbers. Climbing plants not only look stunning as they grow over the garden archway, but they also create a shady spot for those sitting below. Whilst you might be grateful for the shade in the height of summer, in spring and autumn an arbour seat can be a wonderful place to catch a few rays. If you are dreaming of having an arbour seat on your terrace but you don’t have any flower beds to make use of, then you could consider an arbour seat with garden planters. These are freestanding models that do not need to be anchored into the ground but rather get their stability from the heavy garden planters on either side of the garden arch.

Fully weatherproof and rustproof metal arbour seats

Like all of our products that are available to buy online, our garden arbour seats are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, which means that they can stay outside all year round. Neither rain, snow nor frost will damage a Classic Garden Elements garden arch with seat. Unlike a plastic or wooden garden bench, a metal arbour seat is something you’ll have for life. The integrated backrest gives the rose arch extra stability and makes it an even more comfortable spot in which to sit. As the finishing touch, seat cushions can add a splash of colour and make your little floral oasis especially cosy. We recommend that you buy cushions filled with kapok, which is a natural silk cotton that won’t be damaged by a light summer rain and dries quickly.

High-quality products available to buy online via online shopping facility

If you have big ideas for your garden and want it to not only be green but also beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! All of our products are available to buy online, and we have a wide range of items for you to choose from. We produce all of our products ourselves, and they are all solid, high-quality and hand-finished structures. Our team consists of 50 people, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that Classic Garden Elements delivers the best products possible. However, we are not only here to advise you on our existing range of products – we are also more than happy to discuss bespoke products with you. For example, perhaps you could like to order one of our products in a different size or colour. If desired, our team can also assemble your new garden structure for you. We have been producing high-quality, decorative metal garden structures for roses and other plants since 1998.

Quality for you and your ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring idea or two for your garden? Or would you just like to build something new? If so, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. If you have any questions as you browse through our products, then please do get in touch. As a specialist manufacturer, we provide you with everything you will need to decoratively grow roses, all under one roof. We are your go-to online shop for metal garden trellises, metal garden structures, metal garden arches and wrought-iron gazebos.