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LE-CARIATIDI Marble Fireplace



Production of Classic Garden Elements
 LE-CARIATIDI marble fireplace

Our stonemason will hand-carve this stunning chimneypiece for you from real marble, in line with your exact size and design specifications. Both the size of the natural stone fireplace and the choice of stone shown in the product photo here are intended to simply give you an idea of what’s possible when it comes to designing your new marble mantelpiece. To enable you to customise it to your preferences, we have six standard types of stone on offer: five different kinds of marble and a cream-coloured travertine, a type of natural limestone. If you prefer, we can also offer other kinds of marble.
Please note that once you have placed your order for your new marble mantel, it will be non-refundable, as it is a bespoke piece that will be produced just for you. For this reason, we will discuss all of the customer-specific details, such as size of the fireplace, the type of stone or marble, the decoration and even the delivery date with you in advance and outline these details in a binding contract. When the stonemason has finished your bespoke marble chimneypiece, it will be delivered to the address of your choice from Germany using our own Classic Garden Elements van and driver.
All of our mantelpieces are available in six different kinds of stone: five types of marble as well as travertine. If you would like to order one in another kind of stone, please contact us at and we will prepare you a personalised offer.


Beautiful hand-carved fireplace made from real marble

The LE-CARIATIDI marble fireplace mantel is sure to bring a classic, antique-style ambience to your home, restaurant or hotel. The traditional design of the marble fireplace surround is based on the intricate designs of the famous English architects Inigo Jones, Grinling Gibbons and Christopher Wren. Between them, these three men established a precedent for the design of the English fireplace across a period of 200 years.
In the case of the LE-CARIATIDI marble chimneypiece, the statues of the two elegant, graceful women that adorn the jambs are central to the design. The mantel is named after the caryatids – columns in the form of sculpted female figures – on the Acropolis of Athens. Often found in classical architecture, caryatids can frequently be seen supporting decorative gables, architraves, roofs or other structural elements. Although the two caryatids that adorn the LE-CARIATIDI fireplace mantel do play a structurally supportive role, with their decorative rosettes and delicately carved heart ornaments, the focus here is placed more on the femininity of their design. This is echoed in the opulent garland of flowers that decorates the frieze.
Whether you use it to house an open fire or simply as a decorative element in its own right, this hand-carved marble mantelpiece is sure to catch many an eye, wherever you install in. The LE-CARIATIDI fireplace – carved from a solid block of marble by our stonemason – is a truly unique piece of artwork that would look as good in a hotel lobby as it would in a private living room.


Advantages of a Classic Garden Elements marble fireplace

• Our classic fireplaces are based on historic English designs.
• The product photos show examples of the material, size and price of our fireplaces.
• Our fireplaces are hand-carved by experienced stonemasons.
• Each of our marble fireplace surrounds is a unique, made-to-measure piece.
• There are five kinds of marble to choose from, as well as travertine.
• Other kinds of marble and natural stone are available upon request.
• The estimated delivery time frame is within 12 weeks; fireplaces are delivered from Germany using our own van and driver.
• Our marble fireplace mantels must be installed on site by a specialist, such as a skilled builder.
• Our period fireplaces are purely decorative and can be used in combination with either an open fire, an electric fire or an ethanol fire.
• When you order one of our fireplaces, you are entering into a binding contract – please note that we are not able to offer returns or refunds.
• Due to the fact that our mantelpieces are all hand-carved and made from natural stone, the exact appearance may vary from what you see here in our product photos. These differences are not flaws in the product but rather the result of choosing to buy a unique, hand-carved product.

Buy an exclusive, made-to-measure marble chimneypiece

Unlike those made from artificial stone, every marble fireplace mantel has its very own look and feel. Each mantelpiece is made from a solid block of marble that has a unique design and structure. In the product photos seen here, the LE-CARIATIDI marble mantelpiece has been carved from white marble. However, as this is a bespoke product, you can also request it to be carved from cream-coloured travertine, light-red marble, black marble or cream-coloured marble if you would prefer. The stonemason will work to your personal specifications and wishes. In fact, our stonemasons – just like their predecessors going back hundreds of years – work with many traditional tools, such as chisels and mallets. The result is a beautiful, one-off piece of art to be treasured for generations to come.

Product details

LE-CARIATIDI Marble Fireplace
Item No.FP-12-O
MaterialSolid white marble
Height111 cm
Width162 cm
Depth37 cm
Weight800 kg
Individual pieceSingle piece, hand-carved. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the stone may vary.
What you receive1 piece
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£7,140.00