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CAMINO-PORTALE Marble Fireplace



Production of Classic Garden Elements
 CAMINO-PORTALE marble fireplace

After you’ve placed your order, this breathtakingly beautiful marble chimneypiece with overmantel will be hand-carved for you by our stonemason as a single piece. You can specify the exact dimensions of this impressively tall mantelpiece so that it fits your individual preferences. When it comes to choosing the type of stone the fireplace should be carved from, you have six options: five different kinds of marble and a cream-coloured travertine, which is a type of natural limestone. Upon request, the CAMINO-PORTALE can also be carved from other kinds of natural stone or even different colours of marble.
To ensure all goes smoothly with the production of your new fireplace, we will discuss all relevant details, such as the size, material, exact design, price and delivery date, in a personal consultation. Once these details have been confirmed in a binding contract, the stonemason will start work on your mantel. When it’s finished, your bespoke marble chimneypiece – which truly is a unique, one-off piece of art – will be delivered to the address of your choice from Germany using our own Classic Garden Elements van and driver.
All of our mantelpieces are available in six different kinds of stone: five types of marble as well as travertine. If you would like to order one in another kind of stone, please contact us at and we will prepare you a personalised offer.


Decorative marble fireplace surround with overmantel

With its imposing height and striking form, the CAMINO-PORTALE will make a real statement, no matter what kind of room it is installed in. The elegant design is inspired by the delicate stonemasonry of the English artist Grinling Gibbons. Hand-carved flowers and foliage wind their way up and around this fireplace mantel, which is part of our RIACE collection. The elegance of its gentle, curved lines and scrolled jambs is emphasised by the arch of the overmantel and the curved shape of the frieze.
The surround that frames the firebox itself leads the eye upwards towards the impressive overmantel above. Its arched design is eye-catching in and of itself, but it would also work perfectly as a frame for an exclusive painting, a stylish mirror or a small statue.


Advantages of a Classic Garden Elements marble fireplace

• Our classic fireplaces are based on historic English designs.
• The product photos show examples of the material, size and price of our fireplaces.
• Our fireplaces are hand-carved by experienced stonemasons.
• Each of our marble fireplace surrounds is a unique, made-to-measure piece.
• There are five kinds of marble to choose from, as well as travertine.
• Other kinds of marble and natural stone are available upon request.
• The estimated delivery time frame is within 12 weeks; fireplaces are delivered from Germany using our own van and driver.
• Our marble fireplace mantels must be installed on site by a specialist, such as a skilled builder.
• Our period fireplaces are purely decorative and can be used in combination with either an open fire, an electric fire or an ethanol fire.
• When you order one of our fireplaces, you are entering into a binding contract – please note that we are not able to offer returns or refunds.
• Due to the fact that our mantelpieces are all hand-carved and made from natural stone, the exact appearance may vary from what you see here in our product photos. These differences are not flaws in the product but rather the result of choosing to buy a unique, hand-carved product.

Buy a bespoke marble fireplace with decorative overmantel

Thanks to the customisation options we offer, your CAMINO-PORTALE marble chimneypiece with overmantel will be a truly unique and exclusive design element that you cherish for years to come. Marble has always been revered as an especially valuable and precious material that brings with it more than just a touch of elegance – and that’s the case here too, with our marble fireplaces.
For the large surface area of the CAMINO-PORTALE, a light-coloured marble can be a great choice. In the classic white marble, the fireplace mantel will fit in seamlessly into any space – and at the same time, it is sure to catch the eye of every single person in the room. Any type of lightly marbled stone, such as our light-red marble, is guaranteed to create a harmonious interior design effect. It’s worth noting that in black marble, the CAMINO-PORTALE fireplace mantel will need not only a large space but also sufficient light to ensure that it can be appreciated in all its glory. But at the end of the day, whichever colour or stone you choose, this mantelpiece is sure to bring joy to all who see it.

Product details

CAMINO-PORTALE Marble Fireplace
Item No.FP-13-P
MaterialSolid, slightly cream-coloured white marble
Height372 cm
Width215 cm
Depth52 cm
Weight1100 kg
Individual pieceSingle piece, hand-carved. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the stone may vary.
What you receive1 piece
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£14,700.00