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Production of Classic Garden Elements
 TRE-DEE marble mantelpiece

If you order this stylish marble chimneypiece, it will be handmade by our stonemason to your exact specifications. In terms of the material, you can choose from five different kinds of marble as well as a cream-coloured travertine, which is a type of natural, porous limestone. Of course, other kinds of natural stone or different colours of marble are also available upon request.
If you’re interested in ordering a TRE-DEE marble chimneypiece, we will first confirm all the relevant details, such as the size, material, exact design, price and delivery date, in a binding contract. The stonemason will then hand-carve your decorative marble mantel in line with these specifications. As a result of the distinctive patterns and markings on the block of marble and the individual craftsmanship of the stonemason, each of the Classic Garden Elements mantelpieces is a unique piece. Upon completion, your new mantel will be delivered to you from Germany using our own Classic Garden Elements van and driver.
All of our mantelpieces are available in six different kinds of stone: five types of marble as well as travertine. If you would like to order one in another kind of stone, please contact us at and we will prepare you a personalised offer.


Solid marble fireplace mantel with antique-style design

Two marble statues give this beautiful chimneypiece a light, playful feel. Wearing only a loose piece of fabric, each of them seems to support the weight of the heavy mantel with ease. An opulent frieze, bedecked with carvings of decorative ribbons and garlands of flowers, frames the firebox itself. Your eye is naturally drawn to the middle of the frieze, where a carved portrait of a woman sits proudly amongst the flowers and foliage.
The impact and depth of the TRE-DEE marble mantelpiece is accentuated by the two columns on either side of the firebox, which incorporate the statues and stand proud of the rest of the fireplace mantel. The antique-style design of this striking marble chimneypiece is inspired by the fireplaces of the great English architects Inigo Jones, Grinling Gibbons and Christopher Wren. The product photo here on this page shows the TRE-DEE marble chimneypiece made from cream-white marble.


Advantages of a Classic Garden Elements marble fireplace

• Our classic fireplaces are based on historic English designs.
• The product photos show examples of the material, size and price of our fireplaces.
• Our fireplaces are hand-carved by experienced stonemasons.
• Each of our marble fireplace surrounds is a unique, made-to-measure piece.
• There are five kinds of marble to choose from, as well as travertine.
• Other kinds of marble and natural stone are available upon request.
• The estimated delivery time frame is within 12 weeks; fireplaces are delivered from Germany using our own van and driver.
• Our marble fireplace mantels must be installed on site by a specialist, such as a skilled builder.
• Our period fireplaces are purely decorative and can be used in combination with either an open fire, an electric fire or an ethanol fire.
• When you order one of our fireplaces, you are entering into a binding contract – please note that we are not able to offer returns or refunds.
• Due to the fact that our mantelpieces are all hand-carved and made from natural stone, the exact appearance may vary from what you see here in our product photos. These differences are not flaws in the product but rather the result of choosing to buy a unique, hand-carved product.

What is the difference between fireplaces made from cultured and solid marble?

Fireplaces are not only made from solid marble or travertine. There are also mantelpieces available on the market that are made from cast stone, also known as artificial stone. Cultured marble is one such artificial stone. It is made from a mix of cement, fluidifiers, pigments and marble dust or fine sand, and it’s used to mass produce decorative yet affordable pieces, including fireplaces.
The TRE-DEE mantelpiece, by contrast, is made from a solid block of marble or travertine and is carved according to your desired measurements. The entire design, right down to the tiniest of details, is carefully and precisely crafted by hand. Irregularities, markings and patterns in the stone and variations in the colour of the marble or travertine are what make our marble fireplace surrounds truly bespoke pieces. Just like the marks of the stonemason’s craftsmanship, these details are what gives your new mantelpiece its character and soul.
In choosing the TRE-DEE mantel, you will be bringing into your home, hotel or restaurant a decorative element that is also a stylish, timeless piece of art. Marble fireplace mantels like these have been enjoyed in places such as Buckingham Palace and the White House for generations. But even if your space is more modern than traditional or historic, the TRE-DEE fireplace is still a great choice, as the contrast between the modern interior design and the antique-style mantel creates an impressively striking effect, no matter the size of the room.

Product details

TRE-DEE Marble Fireplace
Item No.FP-06-G
MaterialSolid cream-white marble
Height170 cm
Width240 cm
Depth50 cm
Weight1000 kg
Individual pieceSingle piece, hand-carved. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the stone may vary.
What you receive1 piece
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£14,850.00