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‘Phanas’ Versailles Trellis Planter


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‘Phanas’ Versailles Trellis Planter

These ‘Versailles’ design Trellis Planters are made from 1.57” (4 cm) steel tubing and steel bands. The trellis is made of 0.79” (2 cm) steel tubings and 0.59” (1.5 cm) steel bands. The finials are cast iron solid balls. All hot-dip galvanised and powder coated black. Most RAL-colours are available. The inset removable liner is made of hard plastic. Other sizes made to order. 10 years guarantee against rust.


The ‘Phanas’ Versailles Trellis Planter gets its name from a very successful Olympic athlete in ancient Greece. Phanas of Pellene was named a victor of the stadion race in the 65th Olympiad in 512 BC.


Massive metal Planter Box with Integrated Trellis welded in one single piece

Trellis Planters for exposed positions: roof terraces, gardens, balconies, restaurants with outdoor seating and public spaces

Why not transform your balcony or patio into a little paradise? Or create a lush oasis for relaxation in a tranquil corner of your garden? Our ‘Versailles’ Trellis Planter, which combines a flowerpot with a slender support frame, is ideal for the purpose. This distinctive, dual function garden requisite is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also crafted to the highest of standards.


Even when unplanted, these Classic Garden Elements free-standing, square trellis planters are something of an eye-catcher. Diamond-patterned latticework, ball finials, perfectly matched component parts and attractive colours combine and merge together to form a picture of understated elegance. For easier planting, our trellis planters come with a plastic liner – a flowerpot within a flowerpot. Once your plants have grown, you will also have a perfect privacy screen. Imaginatively planted, the ‘Versailles’ Trellis Planters offer a colourful, visually appealing and inoffensive way protecting your intimate space. Sometimes you may not be able to attach a trellis directly to a wall, whether to avoid damaging the insulation or for another reason. In such cases, the ‘Versailles’ Trellis Planters are a good alternative. Positioning them at the right and left-hand side of your front door will produce a stunning effect.


Leg Size and Transport

There is some demand for longer legged planters, which can be moved more easily with a forklift or sack barrow. This can be important for plants over a certain weight. The standard ‘Versailles’ Trellis Planters come with 4-centimetre-long legs. For a small additional charge, we will be happy to supply planters with 9-centimetre legs, which will allow them to be moved with a forklift.


Weight and Wind Resistance

Our metal trellis planters with integrated support frames are massively built and extremely stable. They are a solid, sustainable and long-lasting alternative to many of the wooden or plastic models available on the market. These lighter models are also apt to blow over on breezier days as the trellis will catch the wind. In contrast, our heavy steel trellis planters will be able to withstand strong gusts. Even at the most exposed of locations – a rooftop terrace or an open veranda on the coast – they will prove steadfast. Thanks to their weight, they are also highly suitable for placing in public spaces in towns and cities, especially as local authorities will wish to budget for the long term. For public authorities, and also for the hotel and catering industry, it will be important to  be able to move these trellis planters from time to time. An easy task with our super solid metal trellis planters.


Differently, with the weight of the plant and the soil, wooden or plastic models lose their stability and are apt to break apart when moved, especially when the planter is weather worn. By contrast, the Classic Garden Elements trellis planters will prove to be durable. Even if hit by a motorist parking a car, it is the car, not the trellis planter, that is more likely to suffer. In the unlikely event of our trellis planters getting scraped: A scratch on the powder coating will not lead to rust as the planters have been hot-dip galvanised underneath. Scratches can in any case be quickly and neatly covered up using car paint in the appropriate colour. Here the ‘Versailles’ Trellis Planter has a clear advantage over the many plastic planters now available everywhere. Even light damage will quickly render these plastic planters – and their plants – useless.

Short Description

This Trellis Planter is made from 4 cm steel tubing and steel bands. The trellis (welded to the planter box) is made of 2 cm steel tubings and 1,5 cm steel bands. Hot-dip galvanised and powder coated black. Most RAL-colours are available. Other sizes made to order.

Product details

Planter with trellis
Item No.R23-Trellis
Height of Planter20'' / 51 cm
Height with Trellis6'1.6'' / 187 cm
Width20.4'' / 52 cm
Depth17'' / 44 cm
Weight77 .lbs / 35 kg
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Price incl. VAT£860.00