All our structures are powder coated in black-matt. Black is the traditional, inherent colour for wrought iron structures and trellis works.

We at Classic Garden Elements feature our own machines for powder coating. Such we are able to powder coat our structures in many different colours, not just black-matt.

The colours we use for powder coating are the best available on the market, namely those made by TigerDrylac. They are all based on the RAL colour scheme:

If you wish us to powder coat your structure in a different colour than black-matt we are happy to oblige. You may choose your colour from a RAL Colour Chart. Now that sounds easy. But alas it is not. Colours are gorgeous but also tricky. On most colour charts you will get tiny thumb nail size examples. They may look quite different when larger. Also they may look different on metal. They look again different inside with artificial light compared to an outside sunny or shady or half-shady place.

It is much saver to choose an already existing colour which you like to repeat, e.g. the colours of your fence, window shutters or the like. What you need to do here is to find out the RAL colour number of that fence or window shutter. Different countries, different colour schemes. In case the colour you wish to repeat is not a RAL colour then you need to google a ‘translator’, translating that colour into the RAL colour matching it best. Also some of the better builder markets with colour departments may do that job for you.

Once the colour is chosen we will ask you to pay a one off supplement (in UK = GBP 50,00). This serves to cover the costs of cleaning our powder machines from black, put them onto your colour and once finished, clean them again and put them back to black.

Just to mention it: Our ‘black-matt’ is RAL 9005.

Same as with made to size items we kindly ask advance payment for special colours other than black-matt. Items with special colours cannot be returned or exchanged.

As our items are made to last for more than one generation please consider one more advise. With the passing of seasons, a layer of pollen and algae gathers on the surface of our ‘Classic Garden Elements’ structures, so that over the years, indeed decades, an unusually attractive patina is formed. The Arches, Pergolas, Treillages, Arbours and Pillars made by Classic Garden Elements such weather and age with a certain dignity inherent to Greek and Roman ruins while their inner stability is guaranteed by hot-dip galvanised solid steel. This applies for black-matt, dark green and similar darker colours. This is not the case with light, light creamy or white colours. They will appreciate receiving regular care to look fresh and happy.

Please do contact us in case you have a query re those colours:




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