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Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis



Key product details for the Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis

This gorgeous trellis planter consists of two separate parts: the Large Ibiza Planter, made from 2×2-cm steel tubes, and the Abusir Pyramid Trellis. 2-cm steel tubing is used for the frame of the freestanding pyramid trellis, whilst the latticework is made from 1.5-cm steel bands. Both the Large Ibiza Planter and the Abusir Pyramid Trellis are single solid structures, made by welding the individual steel elements together – a process we carry out by hand.


Like all of our products, this stylish metal pyramid planter box is fully weather- and rustproof, having been both hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, and comes with a ten-year rust-free guarantee. It is powder coated in black matt as standard, but other RAL colours are available upon request. You can also order the Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis in a different size, if you would like to. Please get in touch to discuss bespoke orders – we would love to help you design your perfect pyramid planter box!


The Large Ibiza Planter and the Abusir Pyramid Trellis can also be bought separately, if you prefer. You can find them under the following order numbers: E23 (Large Ibiza Planter) and R23-PY-Y-0 (Abusir Pyramid Trellis).


The container-in-container system


Like all of our other metal planter boxes that are available to buy online using our simple online shopping facility, the Large Ibiza Planter uses an incredibly practical container-in-container system. Every Classic Garden Elements planter comes with a lightweight inner container, which is made of plastic. It is into this inner container that you plant your flowers. The advantage of this system is that it makes the planting process considerably easier. For example, you can take the lightweight plastic container into your greenhouse and plant it up there in peace, fully protected from the elements. Once it’s planted up and ready to go, you could even leave it there until the temperatures warm up and the risk of frost has passed. This will give the new plants time to take root before they go out into your garden or onto your balcony. The container-in-container system also means that, if you have frost-sensitive plants in your trellis planter, you can simply bring them inside over winter – and, once again, leave the heavy, harder-to-manoeuvre garden planter outside. If you would like to, you can also buy extra inner containers, which gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to easily exchange one inner container of plants and flowers for another.



How to plant your trellis planter


The Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is incredibly simple to use. Once you have filled the inner container with soil and planted your choice of climbing flowers and plants, you simply place it into the metal planter. Then you put the Abusir Pyramid Trellis on top and push it down into the soil. At the start, it’s best if you attach the stems to the metal pyramid trellis using raffia, but as the plants continue to grow, it’s up to you how much freedom you want to give them. And it’s as simple as that! Your plants will make their way up the rose pyramid trellis, and you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your plants have a sturdy and secure growing support. In fact, thanks to their weight (the Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis weighs in at an impressive 35 kg) and high-quality design, our garden pyramid trellises can withstand pretty much whatever Mother Nature throws at them – even if they’re in a windy spot, such as in an exposed rooftop garden, they will continue to stand tall and proud. When your plants begin to wither and you want to plant new ones, you simply cut the dead stems away from the pyramid trellis, remove it and replant the garden planter. Once your new plants are safely in the soil, you just place the pyramid back over them and do it all again. Using this fantastic two-part pyramid planter box literally couldn’t be easier!


Pyramid planter boxes – an attractive feature for any outdoor space


The Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is a great addition to any outside space. You could stand one either side of your front door, in the corner of your balcony, along a garden path or driveway … the options are endless! This striking trellis planter also works fantastically in public spaces, such as parks, spa and hotel grounds, and golf courses, where it will be admired by anyone who passes by. It is a decorative garden element in and of itself – but, of course, it really comes to life when covered in blossom and foliage. There are lots of climbing plants that will thrive on a pyramid trellis like this one, such as clematis or jasmine, so take your time in deciding what to grow. You could even choose to colour-coordinate the plants and the pyramid trellis planter with your property or garden. The beauty of the Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is that, whatever colour you order it in, whatever you plant in it and wherever you position it, it is guaranteed to impress.


Product details

Ibiza Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis
Item No.E23-PY-Y
Height172,5 cm
Width42 cm
Depth42 cm
Weight35 kg
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Price incl. VAT£1,584.00