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Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis


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Product details for the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis

This wonderful trellis planter is actually made up of two separate products: the Large Versailles Planter and the Memphis Pyramid Trellis. The large garden planter is made from 4-cm steel tubing and bands. For the frame of the Memphis Pyramid Trellis, we use 4-cm steel tubing, whilst the latticework is made from thinner 2-cm steel bands. Each piece is a single solid structure that we have welded together by hand from the separate pieces of steel. The rose pyramid trellis can be easily attached to the garden planter – its four uprights just need to be slotted onto the cube-shaped protrusions at each corner of the planter. This is an incredibly quick and simple method of turning these two garden structures into one!


Like all of our other products that are available to buy online via our online shopping facility, the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis is hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This makes it totally weatherproof and rustproof. The standard colour for this stunning pyramid planter box is black matt, although other RAL colours are available upon request. RAL 1015 light ivory also works particularly well. So, if desired, you can colour-coordinate the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis with your property, garden or balcony. If you really like this trellis planter but it’s not quite the right size for you, then just let us know – we would be happy to produce it for you in a larger or smaller size!


Whatever size or colour you order it in, the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis comes with our standard ten-year rust-free guarantee. It also comes with a plastic inner container – part of our handy container-in-container system. This makes planting and replanting a doddle!


Planter box with trellis for balconies and terraces


When it’s covered in flowers and vibrant green foliage, the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis is a joy to behold. Wherever you place it, it will bring a splash of elegance and colour – but it especially comes into its own in smaller spaces. If you have a balcony, terrace or rooftop garden and are looking for an easy way to introduce some greenery, then this trellis planter could be the way to go! It’s quick and easy to plant up and, thanks to the wonderful garden pyramid trellis, will bring a sense of height to your outside space. One of these planter trellises would make a wonderfully eye-catching feature in the corner of your balcony or terrace, whilst two can be used to great effect if placed either side of a doorway. The Memphis Pyramid Trellis is topped with the Classic Garden Elements pine-cone finial – a beautiful, handcrafted design feature that adds an extra touch of elegance and style to this gorgeous pyramid trellis planter.


The Classic Garden Elements container-in-container system


Gardening should be fun, not complicated. That’s why we try to make all of our products as user-friendly as possible – and the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis is no exception. Its container-in-container system makes it incredibly easy to plant or replant the Large Versailles Planter. You plant your flowers in the plastic inner container, which, in turn, gets placed into the outer, much heavier container. So if you want to do your gardening in your garden shed or greenhouse where it’s warm and dry, you can do so with ease. You just take the lightweight inner container with you and leave the sturdy outer container where it lives.



The Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis: a sturdy trellis planter


The Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis weighs in at an impressive 50 kg. This means that it is stable enough to withstand strong winds, heavy rain and anything else that Mother Nature throws at it. The metal pyramid trellis, although a separate piece in itself, sits securely atop the garden planter. You need only remove it when the time comes to cut back dead plants and plant new ones, at which point you simply cut the dead stems away from the metal pyramid trellis and lift it off.


A decorative garden element for every season


Looking for a stunning piece of garden decoration that can be used in various ways, all year round? Then look no further than the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis! In early spring, you could remove the garden pyramid trellis and plant bulbs in the planter box – the resulting flowers may not need the trellis, but they will create a gorgeous, colourful display perfect for balconies, gardens and terraces. In late spring, summer and autumn, you could use the garden planter and the pyramid trellis together as a growing support for climbing plants of all kinds, such as jasmine or clematis. In the winter, you could set the metal pyramid trellis aside and grow small bushes and shrubs in the planter – or you could get creative with decorations! Why not turn the Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis into an outdoor Christmas decoration by weaving strings of coloured or white lights through the garden pyramid obelisk? You could even hang some baubles from it, if you so fancy. Whatever the season, there’s an attractive and practical use for this wonderful pyramid planter box. And it’s available to buy online today!


Product details

Versailles Planter with Memphis Pyramid Trellis
Item No.R23-PY-A
Height199,5 cm
Width44 cm
Depth44 cm
Weight50 kg
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