Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch

Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch

With the current situation meaning more time spent at home, you’re probably looking for new ways to entertain yourself. Showing your garden some attention could be a great way to occupy yourself while giving your home a fresh vibe. What better way to do this than by introducing our stunning Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch into your garden?

Romanischer Rosenbogen Portofino

Why Purchase a Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch?

Arches have been a popular garden feature since Roman times. This is no surprise as they can transform a dull garden into a picturesque retreat with minimal effort. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why an arch could be just what your garden needs.


Whether your garden is big or small, tidy or messy, integrating an arch is relatively easy. Countless options on where to put it and how to style it means that finding the perfect spot is a breeze. There’s no right or wrong when incorporating an arch into your garden, just let your creativity run wild.


The simple and elegant design of our Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch means that it won’t become antiquated. Its classic style has been popular throughout the ages and we doubt that’ll change anytime soon.

Creating a Focal Point

Perhaps you have an area in your garden that you particularly like? If so, then a garden arch can be a fantastic way to highlight this space. When placed strategically, an arch can subtly draw your gaze towards a feature you wish to highlight in your garden.


There’s a reason that garden arches have been popular throughout history. It’s because they look great! They can instantly transform a dull garden into a charming and enchanted getaway.

Metal Round Top Garden Arch 'Portofino' Design covered in morning glories

How To Style a Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch

Although there’s no need to style a garden arch—it’s already an attractive feature—there’s always room for creativity.


Planting flowers on either side of an arch can be a great way to seamlessly incorporate it into your garden. The vibrant colors of the flowers will create an alluring contrast to the arch. Consider placing our Large Versailles Metal Planter on either side of the arch for a sophisticated look.

Climbing Plants

For seamless integration with nature, consider cultivating climbing plants on an arch. The trellis design of our Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch makes it ideal for supporting climbing plants. Popular climbing plants include wisteria, roses, and hydrangea.

With a Hedge

For the ambitious gardeners among us, combining an arch with a hedge is a wonderful way to invigorate your garden. Simply add an arch to transform any plain hedge into an innovative and eye-catching feature. You can even grow climbing plants around the top of the arch to create a natural-looking gateway.

Infinite Potential

When it comes to styling your garden, the possibilities are endless with our Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch. Transforming your garden has never been easier.