The Trianon Rose Treillage Set by Classic Garden Elements in white

Decorative metal fence panels

The Trianon Rose Treillage Set: a gorgeously extravagant way of structuring a garden

Many of us want to create a sense of privacy in our own gardens, and there are countless ways of achieving this. One especially attractive and wonderfully extravagant approach is to install a decorative fence, something like our Trianon Rose Treillage Set. These stunning metal structures can put one in mind of the noble French architecture of the 18th century. They can even have a somewhat oriental charm about them, or a touch of the playfulness associated with the Romantic period. But how can one structure create so many different – and contrasting – impressions? Well, our metal iron railings have a different look and feel depending on the plants you choose to grow up them and how you light the structure up. This means that you can change the overall effect to suit your own outdoor space. But however you choose to personalise the structure, one thing’s for sure: your metal fencing is going to look incredibly elegant as it gives structure to the different areas in your garden or creates a more private space.

In the garden in the photos, the goal was actually not to add privacy. Rather, the intention was to subdivide this large outdoor space. The owner of the property wanted to separate the vegetable garden from the rest of the garden, create an additional seating area and, at the same time, maintain the existing sense of space. As you can see, the Trianon Rose Treillage Set fulfils all of these requirements and then some.


Adding value to your garden with a three-dimensional treillage set

The Trianon Rose Treillage Set, powder coated here in white, creates a wonderfully three-dimensional effect, with elements positioned at three different depths. This not only creates a greater sense of space in the garden, it also produces the perfect recess for the new seating area that the property owner wanted. The design of the metal fencing also perfectly highlights the pathway leading towards the vegetable garden. The straight lines and squares of the Trianon Rose Treillage Set are playfully broken up by circular design features, upright metal posts and the Classic Garden Elements pine-cone finials. When stood in front of this gorgeous metal fencing, a large circular cut-out at the centre of the structure encourages you to gaze into the distance – in this case, towards the vegetable garden behind. This striking 3D treillage set is the perfect backdrop for countless different garden designs and is a wonderful way of creating different areas within your outdoor space. In this garden, an enthusiastic hobby gardener can work away in the vegetable garden whilst the rest of the family relaxes in peace on the terrace. This means that everyone can enjoy these newly created individual areas as well as the spectacular sight of the exquisite metal fence panels.


Enhancing the effect of the metal railing panels with the right plants and flowers

In this garden, flower beds are used to accentuate the division created by the decorative fence and to give each space its own unique charm. In the vegetable garden, a bed of wild flowers further helps to visually divide the two spaces. From the vegetable garden, you look out over the wild flowers, through the white geometric shapes of the iron railings, and towards the lawn and house. From the other side, you can take in the lawn and the carefully tended flower beds, and then your gaze is led through the magnificent metal railing panels towards the vegetable garden behind. The white summer house is clearly visible from this side, whilst the shapes of the neighbouring properties fade into the background. From each side, the Trianon Rose Treillage Set catches your eye yet does not limit the scope of what you see. The structure looks equally attractive from both perspectives, although the effect on each side is quite different. This is what makes our metal fence panels so incredibly versatile and such great additions to all styles of garden.

A solid dividing wall with a delicate design

The Trianon Rose Treillage Set is made from solid, hand-welded steel – yet the finished structure creates an effect that is wonderfully light and airy. To ensure the metal fence panels are safely and securely installed, all the fence posts have welded-on base plates that can be bolted onto your terrace, your patio, a path or – in this case – stone plinths. The Trianon Rose Treillage Set also looks especially delicate here because it has been powder coated in white. This ties the treillage set in beautifully with the white summer house. The white grid-like structure of the Trianon Rose Treillage Set becomes the focal point of the garden and yet the greens of the foliage and the colours of the flowers somehow stand out even more against this white backdrop.


Ordering bespoke iron railings in the colour, size or design of your choice

The Trianon Rose Treillage Set comes as standard in black, but you can also order it in a different colour, size or design if you prefer. For this garden, we customised the structure in cooperation with our partner Owen Chubb Landscaping, based in Dublin, so that it fitted the exact requirements and colour scheme of the space. Have we got your creative juices flowing? Are you wondering how you could incorporate one of our decorative fences into your own garden? The options are endless, since these structures work brilliantly as freestanding elements or positioned against a wall. They look wonderful on terraces, on balconies and in gardens large and small. If you’d like to talk to us about installing metal fencing in your garden or ordering a bespoke piece, just get in touch. We would love to help you design your dream outdoor space!