The Restaurant Trellis Divider by Classic Garden Elements in white

custom-made trellis screen

Turning a small garden into a cosy outdoor living room

There’s no lawn in this extremely attractive little garden – but you really don’t miss it! Its cosy-looking seating area entices you to sit and relax a while. Unlike their neighbours, the owners of this stylish garden don’t have to worry about cutting their grass. Instead, they can simply enjoy their outside space in all its glory! This garden was designed with one goal in mind: to create an outdoor living room. The made-to-measure metal fence – produced by Classic Garden Elements and powder coated in white – gives the garden a wonderfully clear structure. These white iron railings enclose the space and add to the relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

How the hard landscaper created this green oasis

Although the garden itself is small, it’s still too big to have turned the entire space into a terrace. Originally, due to the high wall that surrounds the garden, it was not an especially nice space to spend time in. Yet by introducing well thought-out features, the hard landscaper managed to transform it into a green oasis with a modern touch. It was decided that the garden’s colour scheme would be white. It is this colour, along with the rectangular shapes of both the house and the garden, that pulls everything together and creates a sense of cohesion. The window frames are white, as are many of the flowers and the exclusive metal railing panels. The simple colour scheme adds to the sophisticated and clean look of the house and its garden.

Sunken seating area in small, professionally designed garden surrounded by decorative fence

One of the real highlights here is the sunken seating area that the hard landscaper built at the centre of the garden. This lower level creates a wonderfully cosy, nest-like space. Although just three steps lead from the terrace down to the outdoor living room, this is enough to give you the feeling that you are entering an oasis of calm, in which you are surrounded by plants and flowers on all sides. This sunken space is accentuated by the elegant iron railings that enclose it. The white metal railing adds a whole new dimension to the garden and frames it perfectly. Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to sit here on a summer’s evening and enjoy some food and drinks with friends?

Practical yet highly decorative: a made-to-measure white iron railing fence

The Classic Garden Elements Restaurant Trellis Divider was chosen to create this outdoor living room. To fit the overall colour scheme of the garden, the owner requested that we powder coat the trellis divider in white – which we were very happy to do. In fact, it was a bespoke order through and through, since we also produced the trellis divider in a custom size to fit the owner’s specific requirements. The solid metal uprights break up the otherwise diamond-shaped structure of the low metal fence. These exclusive metal fence panels are topped with 24 pine-cone finials, which sit proudly atop the metal fencing. Whilst this small garden is a feast for the eyes in any season, it really comes into its own during the warmer months of the year. On long summer’s evenings, it is the perfect place to relax with both friends and family.

This glorious garden was designed by our Irish partner Owen Chubb Landscaping. Are you feeling inspired to create your own exclusive outdoor space? If so, get in touch and we’ll help you to bring your garden ideas to life!