Arched Garden

Arched Garden

Archways have always been a prominent architectural theme throughout history. Examples of arches date back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks. The use of arches as a decorative garden element gained immense popularity in England during Queen Victoria’s reign. To this day, arches remain a popular feature for many gardens and grounds.

What’s an Arched Garden?

An arched garden is a term that describes a garden that displays one or more arches within it. How the arch is featured is a personal choice and is a great way to express your creativity.

Freestanding Portofino Garden Arch with two Versailles Planters

Types of Garden Arches

In today’s market, there’re many types of arches available to purchase. Choosing one for your garden can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. To help get you started, here’re some common types of arches.

Metal Arch

Metal Arches come in a variety of shapes and designs. From simple and modern to complex and elaborate, metal arches symbolize grandeur and majesty. A trellis design is perfect for growing climbing plants such as roses, wisteria, and hydrangea.

Wooden Arch

A wooden arch is a wonderful way to bring the countryside into your garden. Available in a variety of designs, it’ll certainly ignite a romantic spark in any outdoor area.

Rustic Arch

Step into a fairytale with a beautiful rustic arch. These arches usually feature a woven pattern for a natural effect. They’re generally easy to install, making them a great option if you don’t want to hire a professional landscaper.

Wall Arch

If you’re short on space, a wall arch is a stunning way to create an archway within a small garden. It attaches to a wall on one side, allowing you to breathe new life into a small space.

Arch With Planters

To create a grand impression, an arch with planters is a fantastic choice. For a truly majestic piece, consider our Freestanding Brighton Garden Arch With Two Versailles Planters. You can cultivate your choice of plants on either side of the arch to create a breathtaking frame.

Incorporating an Arch Into Your Garden

Due to its versatility, it’s easy to incorporate an arch into your garden. Here’re a few simple ideas.

As an Entrance

An arch is a great way to signal a grand entrance to your garden. Contemplate an arch gate to create a barrier while retaining all the stylistic aspects of a classic arch. Consider our Kiftsgate Garden Arch With Gate for an elegant and luxurious design.

On a Pathway

Exquisitely frame a pathway with a garden arch. Use one or more arches to establish a charming feature along a walkway. Climbing flowers such as roses or jasmine can be cultivated around an arch. This’ll ensure your pathway is kept shaded, making it an excellent sanctuary for the hot summer months.

With a Hedge

If you’re feeling particularly artistic then you can integrate an arch within a hedge. Simply create an opening within the hedge and install the arch here. If you need extra security along the hedge then consider purchasing an arch with an attachable fence. Our Portofino Garden Arch With Side Fencing is a charming addition that can effortlessly be paired with a hedge.