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Victorian Rose Arbour

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Victorian Rose Arbour

The Victorian Rose Arbour is welded from 0.79” (2 cm) and 1.18” (3 cm) steel bands, hot-dip galvanised, and powder coated in black. Two pinecone finials cast in aluminium. Other colours available on request. You will need a specialist contractor (hard landscaper) to install the rose arbour in a suitable place using the anchors supplied with the product. Alternatively, it is possible to attach the arbour to a secure base, e.g. to a stone or concrete plinth. Included in the price are six anchors for the large arbour (R6) and five anchors for the small arbour (R7). Delivery takes place in larger parts with our truck. Bespoke items possible, made to your size and requirement. 10 years guarantee against rust.


Neo-Gothic Garden Arbour

Romance and Nostalgia in the Rose Garden

Elegance, simplicity and stability are the hallmarks of our Victorian Rose Arbour, making it the focal point of any garden – a perfect rendezvous for lovers or a refuge from the bustle of daily life. Why not unwind under a canopy of fragrant roses and honeysuckle? Or give your favourite garden seat a flowering frame. With its curved arch and eye-catching trellis design, the Victorian Rose Arbour truly is a sight to behold. The two square-shaped side trellis panels create a wonderful contrast with the diamond-shaped trellis that forms the back wall of the arbour.


Gardens of all sizes need vertical as well as horizontal stimuli to reinforce our experience of three-dimensionality and depth. Arbours take up very little ground space, and yet they are tall enough to provide the perfect support for climbing and rambling roses with their extravagant clusters of blooms. It is true that ramblers look sensational when growing freely up trees. However, this is possible only in larger gardens, usually in the countryside. Owners of smaller urban gardens, where trees may be smaller if they exist at all, will need to look for alternatives – a pergola perhaps, or a pavilion, an arcade or an arbour. As well as being strong enough to bear the weight of fully-grown climbers and ramblers, these supports will also help to prevent the plants from becoming wild or unkempt.


Once a year at least, it will be necessary to prune your climbing and rambling roses. Now and then radical pruning will be necessary, not just to prevent the plants from taking over the garden, but also to give them an attractive shape. Likewise, the lines and contours of your plant support will help to determine the silhouette your roses create.


Delightful opposite attraction

What adds, perhaps, to their fascination is the interplay between a metal frame – hard and unbending, sombre in colour, designed by human hand – and the roses that grow on it – flexible and playful, colourful, a gift of nature. It is a contrast which speaks of the attraction of opposites, recalling the story of Adam and Eve, of the Garden of Eden, that very first garden which is still a paradigm for gardeners today. By choosing the Victorian Rose Arbour, you can add a hint of paradise to your garden, creating a peaceful space to withdraw to and relax. No less attractive, but inspired by the architecture of a different era, is our Romanesque Villandry Rose Arbour. Whichever style you prefer, Classic Garden Elements has something for every taste.


Short Description

“Roses, which adorn the architectural structures of a garden, are of crucial importance to the ‘garden walls’. Only with the addition of beautiful and attractive plants does even the most refined and generous structural element become a true source of visual pleasure.” Tony Lord

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Victorian Rose Arbour
Product nameSmall ArbourLarge Arbour
Item No.R7R6
Height9'3'' / 282 cm9'3'' / 282 cm
Width5'11'' / 180 cm7'10'' / 240 cm
Depth2'7'' / 80 cm2'7'' / 80 cm
Weight176 .lbs / 80 kg198 .lbs / 90 kg
What you receiveOne piece with five ground anchorsOne piece with six ground anchors
Technical drawingPDFPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own vanDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.Free delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
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