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St. Alban’s Pergola

1.270,00 £4.480,00 £

The St Albans Pergola is made of steel, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated. 10 years guarantee on rust. Indicated prices serve only as a rough guide and we will be delighted to send you an individual quote on request.

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Product Details St Albans Pergola

The ‘St. Albans’ features a width of 8’2” (250 cm). Height is at 10′ (300 cm). It is made of 3.15” x 3.15” (8 x 8 cm) and 1.57” x 1.57” (4 x 4 cm) steel tubes. The roof part connections are made of round tubes with a 0.67” (1.7 cm) diametre. The steel sheets for fixing to the ground are 0.82′ x 0.82′ (25 x 25 cm) and 0.39” (1 cm) thick. All hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in black or any other colour of your choice. Pinecone finials cast in aluminium. You will need a specialist contractor (hard landscaper) to install the ‘St Albans’. Delivery takes place in larger parts with our truck. Bespoke items possible, made to your size and requirement. 10 years guarantee against rust.


A Rose-Covered Walkway – The Epitome of Romanticism

A pergola in garden architecture is a walkway enclosed at both sides and covered with a roof of plants – a garden archway. While often created from hornbeam hedges, it can also be made from wooden or wrought-iron arches along which climbing plants are trained. In the Renaissance and Baroque periods, pergolas were a common feature in the gardens of stately homes, the perfect place to promenade, or to meet up for an intimate rendezvous. Today we still regard the pergola, also sometimes referred to as a garden arcade, as the epitome of Romanticism. Pergolas give a garden structure, while at the same time connecting its different parts. They provide shade from the hot sun and invite us to take stroll, transporting us back to an earlier era of romance. As free-standing structures separate from a house, they guide us through larger gardens and create special defined spaces. In smaller gardens, of course, this won’t work as well, as a pergola can easily seem oversized in a more confined space. However, if erected along the perimeter of a garden, it can be an ideal way of providing greater privacy.


A garden arcade heavily laden with climbers

Regarding measurements, there is a rule of thumb: the longer the pergola, the wider it should be, as this helps to ensure optimal proportions. However, it is also possible to produce optical illusions by playing with height, length and width. A short pergola can be “lengthened” by making it slightly narrower – and vice versa. As well as being extremely stable, our unpretentiously elegant metal frames are also much more durable than the wooden structures that were once in fashion. Climbers with blooms, such as roses or clematis, are quick to conquer this pergola and, in no time, they create an enchanting play of light and shadow. Alone or in company, a walk through the garden becomes an experience to savour.


At St. Albans in Hertfordshire, in the Garden of the Royal National Rose Society, Classic Garden Elements erected a rose pergola extraordinaire – an elliptically curved structure 114 metres long! Three metres high, 2.5 metres wide, and supported by 8 cm-thick steel tubes, it is hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated in black. “St. Albans” is the name we have given our pergola and we will be very pleased to manufacture one for you, in line with your design specifications and measurements. You will need a specialist contractor to install the pergola either by bolting it to a concrete base or by using concrete plugs.


The St. Albans Pergola is made of steel, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated. 10 years guarantee on rust.

St Albans Pergola / Basic Element (Width 250 cm. Height 300 cm. Length 600 cm. Altogether 8 Poles): £4.480,00

St Albans Pergola / Follow Up Element (Width 250 cm. Height 300 cm. Length 200 cm. Altogether 2 Poles.): £1.270,00

The prices listed here cover the technical drawing and shipping costs (not including installation) in mainland UK. They serve only as a rough guide and we will be delighted to send you an individual quote on request.


Garden Archway St Albans
St AlbansBasic ElementFollow Up Element
Item No.LG-1LG-2
Length600 cm200 cm
Width250 cm250 cm
Height300 cm300 cm
Technical drawingPDFPDF
Price incl VAT:4.480,00 £1.270,00 £



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