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The Wallingford Gazebo

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Key information for the Wallingford Gazebo

The rose gazebo’s upright posts are made from 8 x 8-cm steel tubing, whilst for the trellis panels that form the sides of the gazebo we use 3-cm steel bands. As with all of our metal garden pavilions that are available to buy online using our online shopping facility, the Wallingford Gazebo is hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This particular wrought-iron gazebo comes as standard in black, although it can also be powder coated in any other RAL colour, should you prefer.


The Wallingford Gazebo is a popular choice for show gardens and private parks. But wherever you plan to install it, in buying this exclusive metal gazebo you are buying something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life!


The Wallingford Gazebo with full roof

The full-roofed model is topped with a solid, onion-shaped dome that gives this exquisite wrought-iron gazebo its majestic elegance. Included with the full-roofed Wallingford Gazebo are – if desired – the hooks to secure power cables, hooks for hanging large chandeliers and lights, and rain guttering. The upright trellis panels that form the sides of the structure are also the perfect growing support for plants such as roses and clematis. When sat inside the wrought-iron gazebo, you are nicely protected from wind and rain and – depending on the plants you have chosen to grow on the trellis panels – potentially also from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours! This really is the ideal place to while away a few happy hours.


The Wallingford Gazebo with trellis roof

If you’re not so concerned about being fully protected from the elements, then perhaps the trellis-roofed Wallingford Gazebo is the way to go. Instead of having a full, solid roof, this gorgeous rose gazebo has a trellis roof, meaning that you can grow plants not only up the sides of the structure but also cover the roof itself in a sea of flowers and blossom. This ornamental wrought-iron gazebo is captivating in and of itself, but when it’s bedecked with colourful flowers and vibrant foliage, it’s truly a sight worth seeing. With this airy, trellis-roofed Wallingford Gazebo standing proudly in your garden, you’ll be able to sit and chat, read or simply relax under a fragrant, floral roof – and you can’t get much closer to nature than that!


Installing the Wallingford Gazebo

There are two ways of installing our gazebos: with a steel foundation frame and without.

This steel frame – which comes included with the Wallingford Gazebo – first needs to be cemented into the ground. Once the concrete has hardened, the gazebo is then screwed onto the steel foundation frame. This ensures it stands firmly in the ground. By the time you’ve finished, the steel frame is no longer visible. Alternatively, the Wallingford Gazebo can be screwed directly onto frostproof concrete foundations – a process that does not require the use of the steel foundation frame but still gives the gazebo a solid and secure base. Whichever process you choose, we recommend that the work is carried out by a professional, such as your local landscape gardener. If you prefer, you can also hire our installation team to install your new rose gazebo for you.



An ornamental wrought-iron gazebo – the perfect place to relax at home

The Wallingford Gazebo is not only a strikingly beautiful structure that will be the crowning glory of your garden, it is also the ideal place to relax and switch off for a moment. In today’s busy world, more and more of us are discovering the need to make time for ourselves and slow down. We are realising how important it is to spend a moment in reflection, how helpful it can be just to stop for a while and think. The Wallingford Gazebo is a wonderful place to do just that. Whether you want to sit and meditate, do your morning yoga session, practice mindfulness or simply lose yourself in a really good book, what better place to do so than in the shade of this wonderful iron gazebo? It’s the perfect spot to simply be and enjoy a moment of happiness.


Installing the Wallingford Gazebo in public spaces

The Wallingford Gazebo will not only enhance a private garden – it also makes a stunning addition to public spaces such as parks, formal gardens and hotel grounds. Installed in a park, this beautiful iron gazebo makes for a wonderful meeting spot, where friends, family and colleagues can come together and have a chat in a calm and flower-filled environment. In hotel grounds, the Wallingford Gazebo works perfectly as a wedding gazebo for couples who want to tie the knot somewhere a little bit special. Equally, this charming wrought-iron gazebo can be installed as the centrepiece in a formal rose garden or arboretum, where it will add a touch of splendour and grandeur. In short, wherever it stands, this impressive wrought-iron gazebo will stop passers-by in their tracks as they admire its beauty and form.


A rustproof and weather-resistant iron gazebo to enjoy for years to come

All of our metal garden structures are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. During the hot-dip galvanising process, we apply a protective layer of zinc to the metal, which makes it rustproof. Then we powder coat the metal, a process that gives the product its colour and also adds an additional layer of protection against weathering. Between these two processes, our wrought-iron gazebos and other products are protected from rusting for many, many years. Thus, we are in the position to offer you a ten-year rust-free guarantee on all of our products, including the Wallingford Gazebo.


Drainage and guttering on the Wallingford Gazebo

It rains a lot in England – that might be a stereotype, but it’s also true! So what happens to your wonderful wrought-iron trellis when it rains? Well, the design of trellis-roofed Wallingford Gazebo allows rain water to just drain away through the structure and the plants. But don’t worry – if you’re sat in your gazebo and it suddenly starts to rain, you won’t end up soaking wet. At worst you might just feel a few drops here and there – but at least the plants above your head will enjoy the watering! When it stops raining, the gazebo will dry out in next to no time.


The full-roofed Wallingford Gazebo comes with guttering already included in the design. The full roof means that even if it pours with rain, you won’t get wet when sitting in the gazebo – you’ll stay perfectly dry from head to toe. This allows you to enjoy the sounds and smells of a light summer shower or even a heavy downpour from your wonderfully dry and cosy spot. So whichever model you choose, you certainly don’t need to lose any sleep worrying about drainage!


Customising the Wallingford Gazebo

Both types of Wallingford Gazebo can be customised to suit your garden, your taste or your specific requirements. The Wallingford Gazebo comes as standard in black matt, but if you would prefer a different colour, such as blue, green or white, then this is possible too. You can choose from the full range of RAL colours. So if you would like your new iron gazebo to match a specific colour scheme, such as the colour of your property or the shutters on your windows, you can simply choose the RAL colour that is the best possible match  – and then, when your wrought-iron gazebo is delivered to your door a few weeks later, it will be painted in your chosen RAL colour and will fit in perfectly in its new home! Of course, in order to ensure that your new rose gazebo is exactly what you want it to be, you can also order it in a bespoke size or design. Please get in touch if you are considering customisation and would like to talk to us about how to proceed.


The Wallingford Gazebo – an exclusive piece of garden decoration

You can see from our photos just how well the Wallingford Gazebo fits into the garden environment. The first photo on this page shows a full-roofed Wallingford Gazebo that is the centrepiece of the rose garden in the Ellerhoop Aboretum, near Hamburg. There is also a photo of a blue, trellis-roofed Wallingford Gazebo, which stands proudly in the garden of a happy customer in Switzerland. Whether it’s installed in a quaint cottage garden or an expansive public park, the Wallingford Gazebo offers a space for contemplation, relaxation and reflection that will be cherished by all who use it.


Short Description

This stunning wrought-iron gazebo measures 250 x 250 cm at its base, and its roof, which is wider than the main structure, measures 330 x 330 cm across. At its highest point, it is an impressive 450 cm tall. There are two different models of this high-quality, exclusive gazebo available to buy online: one has a full, solid roof and the other has a trellis roof. The full-roofed model weighs 1200 kg, whilst its slightly lighter sibling weighs in at 950 kg.

Product details

The Wallingford Gazebo
Product nameWallingford with trellis roofWallingford with full roof
Item No.PW-2PW-1
Groundplan250 x 250 cm250 x 250 cm
Roof330 x 330 cm330 x 330 cm
Total height450 cm450 cm
Weight960 kg1.200 kg
What you receiveGazebo - Spike System - Fitting Set - Assembly InstructionsGazebo - Spike System - Fitting Set - Assembly Instructions
Technical drawingPDFPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own vanDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.Free delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Technical drawing constructionPDFPDF
Price incl. VAT£20,160.00£23,040.00