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Versailles Treillage Louis IV

59.200,00 £

The ‘Versailles Treillage Louis IV’ is – in both design and function – almost an exact replica of the original Trellised Walkway surrounding the Encelade Fountain within the parks of Versailles. There are some differences, though. Our treillage walkway, for example, is made of hot-dip galvanised & powder coated steel rather than the original made of painted wooden slats.

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Product Details Versailles Treillage Louis IV

Floor plan: 10.80 metres x 1.96 metres. Total height: 4.05 metres. Weight approx. 2050 kg. Supports made of steel tubes and steel bands in various sizes and cast iron decorative elements. All hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated in green or a colour of your choice. The six ‘Medici’ cast iron vases are painted with gold colour. At an extra charge real gold can be applied using the gilding technique. Various systems offered for fixing the Treillage to the ground. Delivery takes place in larger parts with our own trucks. Assembly and installation should be organized by a specialist company (hard landscaper). 10 years guarantee against rust.


A replica of the Treillage Gazebo & Walkways of the ‘Bosquet de l’Encelade’


Based on the famous original within the grounds of the Versailles Castle.


We are happy to offer a remake of those spectacular Treillage Works with our usual attention to detail. The Treillage Walkways & Gazebos surrounding ‘The Encelade Grove’, were created by Andre le Nôtre between 1675-78 around one of the tallest fountains in the Versailles gardens. Its waters reached 25 metres straight into the air. From its round basin emerges the head of Enceladus, in Greek mythology the leader of a revolt of giants. Angry gods crushed him under volcanic rocks. Enceladus subsequently transformed to become the Etna volcano close to Naples, Italy. In 1998, The Encelade Grove was restored to its original glory by Pierre-André Lablaude.


Versailles Treillage Louis IV
Height4.05 metres
Width10.80 metres
Depth1.96 metres
Weight2.050 kg
Technical drawingPDF
Price incl VAT:59.200,00 £



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