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Lamport Hall Treillage Grand Set



Key production information for the Lamport Hall Treillage Grand Set

The Lamport Hall Grand Set is made up of four separate wall trellis panels. The frame of each of these individual elements is made from 2-cm thick steel tubing. The lattice sections are made from 2-cm steel bands. Our production process, which includes hot-dip galvanising and powder coating the outdoor wall trellises, ensures that they are weather resistant and rustproof. In fact, we offer a ten-year rust-free guarantee for our metal wall trellises, as we do for all of our products that are available to buy online using our online shopping facility.

Included in the Lamport Hall Treillage Grand Set are the 14 sturdy hooks that you will need to mount the four wall trellis panels safely to the wall with the recommended 10-cm gap between façade and trellis. You can choose how close together you would like to position the four individual elements – but please note that, before you get to work mounting your new garden trellis, you will need to buy the fasteners and screws to attach the hooks we provide.


Exclusive metal garden trellis for decorating façades


The Lamport Hall Treillage Grand Set is so much more than just a growing support for climbing plants – it’s a decorative garden element in and of itself that will optically enhance modern and old buildings alike. Various geometric shapes, such as circles, rectangles and squares, are combined to create this truly stunning piece of wall art. The Lamport Hall Grand Set comes as standard in black matt – a colour that makes it stand out particularly well on a white or light-coloured wall. But if you’d prefer another colour – so that it matches your window frames or shutters, for example – then that’s possible too. Like all of our metal wall trellises that are available to buy online, we can powder coat the Lamport Hall Grand Set in any RAL colour you choose, such as blue, green, red or grey.


Appreciating the beauty of treillage frames


Treillage frames became popular during the baroque period and were seen as a special form of garden art. Often they were not planted – instead, they were used as decorative structures to be enjoyed and admired for their beauty. Treillage frames were especially popular towards the end of the 19th century and were often seen on the sides of buildings and walls. So that you too can appreciate your garden trellis in all its glory, we suggest only partially covering the Lamport Hall Grand Set in flowers and plants – that way, the beauty of the structure itself can still shine through. Also, be sure to choose an appropriately sized space for your new wrought-iron trellis – it needs to be mounted on a wall that is at least 320 wide and 260 cm tall.



The advantages of buying a metal wall trellis


Originally, outdoor wall trellises were usually made from wood, which was cheaper than metal. However, although wooden garden trellises can look charmingly rustic, they do require a lot of maintenance. For example, they need to be treated annually with protection agents and repainted frequently. Worse still, resin and pieces of peeled-off paint can even cause damage to the façade itself. Today, metal garden trellises are more popular – and for good reason. Unlike their wooden cousins, metal wall trellises require absolutely no maintenance. Once you’ve installed it, you’re done. Also, assuming the wrought-iron trellis is hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, like ours are, then it will not damage the wall in any way.


Why we hot-dip galvanise and powder coat our metal wall trellises


The main reason for hot-dip galvanising our metal garden structures is that it makes the steel rustproof. During this process, a protective layer of zinc is applied to the steel. However, after many years, even the most high-quality hot-dip galvanised metal will weather – and if there are any areas where the zinc coating wears off completely, then small patches of rust may appear. This is where powder coating comes in. Although this process is largely carried out for aesthetic reasons, such as in order to powder coat an item in a certain colour, it also serves another purpose: it protects the hot-dip galvanised metal from weathering. This means that, when used in combination, hot-dip galvanising and powder coating will protect steel from rusting for decades. Yes, decades! After a while, pollen and dust will form a natural patina on the metal wall trellis, but this damages neither the structure nor the façade. All in all, a metal garden trellis is something that you will be enjoying day in, day out for years and years to come!


Product details

Lamport Hall Treillage Grand Set
Item No.R9-32-G
Height260 cm
Width320 cm
Depth2 cm
Weight60 kg
What you receiveFour trellises set with fifteen attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£3,228.00