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Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis



Product details for the Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis

This wonderful planter box with trellis comprises two items: the Large Versailles Planter and the Abusir Pyramid Trellis. The planter is made from 4-cm steel tubing and steel bands. For the frame of the accompanying metal pyramid trellis, we use 2-cm steel tubing, whilst the latticework sections are made from 1.5-cm steel bands.


Both the garden planter and the metal pyramid trellis are solid structures made from individual pieces of steel welded together by hand. To ensure that the trellis planter is fully rustproof, it is then hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. We guarantee that your new pyramid planter box will not rust for the next ten years, making it an extremely long-term investment.


Although the Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is powder coated in black as standard, you can also order it in other RAL colours if you prefer, such as white, green, blue or grey. We can even produce this beautiful pyramid trellis planter in other sizes on request. This means that you can fully personalise both the planter and the pyramid trellis to suit your garden, balcony or roof terrace. The Large Versailles Planter comes with a clever container-in-container system, which makes your life much easier when it comes to planting or replanting the trellis planter, as you can simply leave the heavy outer container in place in your garden or on your balcony whilst you plant the inner container in peace in your greenhouse or garden shed, away from any wind and rain.


Exclusive and flexible planter box with trellis


The two-part Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is a wonderfully flexible garden planter set, as it can be used in various ways. You could choose to combine the planter and the pyramid trellis into one single decorative item – or you could use each item individually. Whichever option you choose, this attractive pyramid planter box will add a splash of style and class to any outdoor space, from balconies to gardens, rooftop terraces to driveways. Thanks to its elegant yet incredibly sturdy design, the Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is an especially great choice for a rooftop garden or roof terrace. It is solid and heavy enough to withstand the forces of nature, even on the wild and windiest of days.


Using the Abusir Pyramid Trellis in herbaceous borders


If you decide to use the Large Versailles Planter and the Abusir Pyramid Trellis separately, you could consider using the latter in an herbaceous border. The best way to do this is to put the pyramid into the ground and then plant your flowers and plants around the garden pyramid obelisk, at a distance of around 15 cm. As they grow, they will then make their way up the garden pyramid trellis, creating a beautiful floral display in the middle of your border. A fantastic choice of plant here would be a bush clematis – although pretty much anything else that likes to climb would work just as well!


Using the Large Versailles Planter as a stand-alone piece


The Large Versailles Planter really comes into its own as a stand-alone piece in winter and early spring. In the winter, you might choose to plant small, hardy shrubs and bushes in the garden planter – plants that do not climb and therefore have no use for the pyramid trellis. Likewise, in the spring you may well plant bulbs that will, in time, grow into glorious, colourful but non-climbing flowers. It’s not until the late spring, summer and autumn that you are likely to be planting climbers that truly appreciate the sturdy growing support of the rose pyramid trellis – so why not use the garden planter by itself until then?



The advantages of our metal garden planters and pyramid trellises


So why should you spend your well-earned money on one of our metal garden planters or pyramid trellises? Well, firstly, a metal trellis planter is a long-term investment. Unlike plastic or wooden containers that will soon get battered by the weather and need to be replaced, metal planters and pyramid trellises will still look fantastic many years down the line. Especially if they’re hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This two-part process makes our products fully weatherproof and rustproof. First, the metal is hot-dip galvanised, which involves a protective layer of zinc being applied to it. This makes the metal pretty weatherproof, but after many years it could still begin to rust – which is why we then powder coat the metal as well. This not only gives the item its colour, but it also adds a further protective layer to the metal. Together, these two processes ensure that our garden structures will not rust for decades to come!


The Versailles planters – elegant metal containers for any garden


Our Versailles planters are inspired by the planters found in the Versailles Orangery. Their traditional, elegant design means that they will fit in perfectly in any style of garden. When powder coated in white, our Versailles planters create an especially classic look. Topped with a rose pyramid trellis, the Large Versailles Planter becomes a truly spectacular piece of garden decoration that will impress no matter where it stands, whether it’s next to a swimming pool, in the corner of a rooftop terrace, on either side of a front door or in a restaurant garden. Like all of our other garden pyramid obelisks, the Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis is available to buy online using our simple, user-friendly online shopping facility. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a bespoke piece, please get in touch. We would be very pleased to assist you in any way that we can.


Product details

Versailles Planter with Abusir Pyramid Trellis
Item No.R23-PY-Y
Height177 cm
Width44 cm
Depth44 cm
Weight38 kg
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