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Osborne House Treillage Panel Set

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Osborne House Treillage Panel Set: key information

The frame of this attractive wall trellis is made from 2-cm steel tubing, whilst the latticework is made from 2-cm steel bands. To create a truly sturdy structure, these elements are welded together to make one solid piece, which is then hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black. If you would prefer, this stunning metal garden trellis can also be finished in any other RAL colour.


There are two Osborne House models available to buy online using our online shopping facility: the Osborne Single and the Osborne Double. The former features a single arch and is 200 cm wide, whereas the latter boasts two arches and is 356 cm wide. The single model weighs 40 kg whilst its big brother is significantly heavier, weighing in at 70 kg. Both models stand 228 cm high, are 2 cm deep and come with the hooks required to safely mount them at the suggested distance from the façade (10 cm). In addition to what we provide, all you will need to buy are fasteners and screws. This high-quality wall-mounted trellis comes with a ten-year rust-free guarantee.


Stable metal wall trellis in Mediterranean design


The designs of both models are appealing and inviting and create the impression of an archway or gateway – or two of them, in the case of the double model. This creates an especially striking effect when the wrought-iron trellis is bedecked with flowers and foliage. These impressive metal garden trellises are named after Osborne House – the former country house of Queen Victoria. She bought the property in 1845 as a private retreat and summer home for her and her family. She and her German husband, Prince Albert, had the original property all but knocked down in order to build a much grander, Italian-style house on the site. The dreamy Mediterranean and Italian atmosphere of Osborne House is reflected beautifully in the design of our Osborne House Treillage Panel Set.


Wrought-iron trellis perfect for growing Virginia creeper


Garden designers will often suggest growing Virginia creeper up an outdoor wall trellis rather than on the house wall itself, both to protect the façade and so that this enthusiastic climber has a sturdy growing support. This also ensures that the self-clinging vine is ‘tamed’ and will cover the garden trellis with a sea of bright green leaves and berries in summer. In autumn the Virginia creeper is just as attractive, as its leaves slowly turn glorious shades of orange and red, creating a living wall of rich autumnal colours that will take your breath away.


Growing fruit and vegetables on your wall-mounted trellis


These gorgeous outdoor wall trellises are also the perfect choice for certain fruits and vegetables. In small vegetable gardens, a wall trellis planted with runner beans can work brilliantly – the beans grow up the wall in a space-saving manner and, at the same time, they transform the plain house, garage or barn wall into a glorious – and productive – vertical garden. But if beans aren’t your thing, there are countless other plants that would be happy to make a garden trellis their home too, such as ivy, wisteria, clematis, berries, kiwis, hops and – of course – roses.


Adding some Italian flair to your garden


With this Mediterranean-style wall trellis you can bring a touch of Italian flair to your own garden and create a space in which you can savour the joys of ‘dolce far niente’. As well as creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere in your garden, the Osborne Single and the Osborne Double are also both fantastic choices if you are looking for a truly exclusive way to green a façade. Check out the photos below, showing these wall trellises in the gardens of some of our happy customers.


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Osborne House Treillage Panel Set
Product nameOsborne DoubleOsborne Single
Item No.R9-27-DR9-27
Height228 cm228 cm
Width356 cm200 cm
Depth2 cm2 cm
Weight70 kg40 kg
What you receiveThree trellises with thirteen attachment hooksTwo trellises with eight attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDFPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own vanDelivered using our own van
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