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Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set



Key product details for the Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set

For the frame of this four-part metal wall trellis we use 2-cm steel tubes. The latticework sections, on the other hand, are made from 2-cm steel bands. Each of the four wall trellis panels is one solid piece, made from individual steel elements that have been welded together by hand. Each of these four structures is then hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black. If you prefer, you can also order the Knebworth Grand Set in any other RAL colour – such as green, blue, white or grey. The world’s your oyster!


Like all of our outdoor wall trellises, the Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set is available to buy online using our online shopping option. The set comprises four wall trellises and the hooks required to mount the trellises at the optimal distance from the façade (10 cm). The three large wall trellis panels (one central wall trellis panel and the two unusually shaped wall trellises that flank it) are all 100 cm wide by 200 cm tall. The semi-circular garden trellis that is the crowning glory of this striking wall trellis set is 200 cm wide and 50 cm in height. Collectively, the four wall trellis panels measure 320 cm across and 260 cm in height at the highest point. In total, this magnificent wrought-iron trellis weighs 60 kg, making it a solid and sturdy growing support for many types of climbing plants.


Before you mount the four wall trellis panels, you’ll need to buy the fasteners and screws to attach the hooks we provide. Because our products are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated, they are protected from weathering and rusting for many, many years. This means we can offer you an impressive ten-year rust-free guarantee.


Four-part metal wall trellis inspired by English stately home


This elegant metal garden trellis, which has an almost luxurious feel to it, is named after Knebworth House, a stately home in Hertfordshire, England. The property was originally built in the Late Gothic style and has been owned by the Lytton family since 1490. Knebworth House was rebuilt in the 19th century as the exotically playful, neo-Gothic house that we see today. Knebworth House has seen a number of illustrious residents over the years, such as the Grand Duke Michail Alexandrowitsch of Russia and his morganatic wife. But the most famous inhabitant was Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a writer, dramatist and statesman who was well-known during the reign of Queen Victoria. Whilst he was living in Knebworth House, England’s most famous garden designers, Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jeckyll, created the main parterre and the herb garden. So our Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set, a most opulent and imposing structure, is associated with some impressive gardening and architectural traditions.


A wall trellis that will bring a royal touch to a façade


If you want to add some royal grandeur and charm to your garden, then you can’t go wrong with the Knebworth Grand Set. Its mix of curved and angular shapes and stylish four-part design give it a feeling of elegance and splendour. This exquisite metal wall trellis set needs to be mounted on a façade measuring at least 400 cm across – although the individual elements can be positioned however you choose. On some walls, it will look better to mount the four wall trellis panels close together, whilst it will suit other spaces better if you space them out more.


The Knebworth Grand Set – a multi-functional piece of garden art


Landscape gardeners like to display multi-part metal garden trellises such as this on large façades in order to create a truly eye-catching garden centrepiece – whether in a large park or a smaller private garden. For rose growers, the Knebworth Grand Set is the perfect backdrop upon which to display their most prized roses, whilst hobby gardeners might choose to grow Virginia creeper or kiwis up it. In the summer months, the beauty of this grand wrought-iron trellis takes a back seat to its blossoming flowers and plants, but in autumn, as the leaves begin to fall, its elegant design takes centre stage once more.

If you have any outstanding questions about the Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set or would like to order a bespoke piece, please get in touch. We would be happy to help in any way we can!


Product details

Knebworth House Treillage Grand Set
Item No.R9-33-G
Height260 cm
Width320 cm
Depth2 cm
Weight60 kg
What you receiveFour trellises set with fifteen attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£3,228.00