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A garden arch – perfect for many different settings

There are many ways to enhance the look of an outside space, but perhaps the most elegant of all is by installing a garden arch. These charming structures will bring a splash of exclusivity and style to your garden, to a park or to any other outdoor space. In fact, one of the best things about a garden archway is that it can be a fantastic addition to pretty much any space. With a rose arch, you can create a captivating floral-covered entranceway to a rose garden or vegetable garden. Equally, a garden arch can be used to decorate hotel grounds or a restaurant garden. Whether it’s in a private or public space, a metal rose arch is sure to impress. Our garden archways are also perfect for outdoor events, such as weddings. The happy couple could make their entrance by passing through the garden arch, and they can later pose under it for photos – the most romantic backdrop imaginable! This works especially well and looks very elegant if the garden archway is painted in white. In short, a garden arch is a great choice whether it’s for a special occasion or just for your daily enjoyment in your garden.

Finding the right style of arch for your property

In an ideal world, the style of your garden arch will fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of your property. Unsurprisingly, what works fantastically in a cottage garden would not necessarily be the right choice for the garden of an historic villa. In choosing a rose arch, there are many aspects to consider, such as the shape of the arch, the thickness of the frame and trelliswork, and the colour of the structure. For example, some of our designs feature round-top arches, whilst others have gothic-style arches that come to a point and are topped with a Classic Garden Elements pine-cone finial. Some models have quite thick, solid frames, whilst others are made from thinner pieces of steel tubing and steel bands, which gives the entire garden arch a much more delicate feel. Make sure to think about the height and width of the garden archway too. Some of our metal arches are taller or wider than others, so it’s worth checking that the rose arch will fit and look right in the space you have set aside for it. Finally, you need to consider the colour. Although green and black are perhaps thought of as classic colours, you can also go for something quite different. A white metal arch can look extremely elegant, for example, whilst a rust-coloured garden archway can create a warm and inviting look that’s just perfect for a cottage garden. Although each of our garden archways comes in a standard colour, which is often but not always black matt, you can also order them in any other RAL colour you like.

A metal garden arch is an investment for life

All of our metal garden products are made from steel tubing and steel bands of varying thicknesses. These individual steel elements get welded together by hand in our workshop, and then the structures are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated. This is a two-part process that ensures the metal is fully weatherproof and rustproof. During the first stage, in which we hot-dip galvanise the metal, a protective layer of zinc is applied. This alone makes the metal pretty rustproof, but over time the zinc coating can rub off and rust patches may appear. To prevent this from happening, we powder coat the hot-dip galvanised metal. This adds an additional layer of protection against weathering and rusting. Together, these two processes ensure that your new metal garden arch won’t rust for decades to come. So buying one of our garden arches really is an investment for life!

Stable and secure garden arches that will withstand even the strongest winds

Our garden arches are designed to be outside all year round, whatever the weather. If properly installed, they are robust enough to withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature could throw at them. All of our garden arches come with the ground anchors you’ll need to securely anchor them into the ground. These need to be cemented into the ground at a depth of around 80–100 cm. This ensures the foundations will be frostproof. In general, we recommend getting professional help with installing your new garden arch, such as from a local landscape gardening company.

High-quality products available to buy online via online shopping facility

If you have big ideas for your garden and want it to not only be green but also beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! All of our products are available to buy online, and we have a wide range of items for you to choose from. We produce all of our products ourselves, and they are all solid, high-quality and hand-finished structures. Our team consists of 50 people, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that Classic Garden Elements delivers the best products possible. However, we are not only here to advise you on our existing range of products – we are also more than happy to discuss bespoke products with you. For example, perhaps you would like to order one of our products in a different size or colour. If desired, our team can also assemble your new garden structure for you. We have been producing high-quality, decorative metal garden structures for roses and other plants since 1998.

Quality for you and your ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring idea or two for your garden? Or would you just like to build something new? If so, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. If you have any questions as you browse through our products, then please do get in touch. As a specialist manufacturer, we provide you with everything you will need to decoratively grow roses, all under one roof. We are your go-to online shop for metal garden trellises, metal garden structures, metal garden arches and wrought-iron gazebos.