Kiftsgate Garden Arches

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The Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch – inspired by a climbing rose

This delicate metal garden arch is named after a climbing rose called the Filipes Kiftsgate. Rose lovers will know that this is an extremely vigorous rambling rose that needs a stable growing support for its wonderfully scented cascades of flowers and long stems. The Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch is the ideal choice for this glorious climbing rose, as is the metal garden fencing that can be bought along with the Kiftsgate garden arch as a set. And since this gorgeous wrought-iron arch can take the impressive weight of the Filipes Kiftsgate rose, it goes without saying that it is suitable for pretty much any other climbing plant too.

Wrought-iron garden arch in Victorian style

Typical of the Victorian period are delicate garden decorations that skillfully combine elements of older styles, such as the Romantic, Gothic and Renaissance periods, with playful ornaments and clear structures. This is reflected perfectly in the exclusive Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch and all of its various sets. The two fine latticework trellises curve together at the top to form an attractive ogee arch that is topped with two pine-cone finials. This stylised pine cone is the Classic Garden Elements trademark, and its design is based on originals from the Vatican museum in Rome.

Ways to enjoy the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch

Are you looking to create a focal point in your garden? Or perhaps you would like guests to your house to arrive through a magical garden archway? Maybe you want a seasonal privacy screen? With its various combinable elements, such as metal garden fencing and gates, the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch can fulfil all of these functions – and then some! It is a truly spectacular garden archway that is sure to attract its fair share of admiring glances from passers-by.

Garden styles that work well with the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch

This Victorian metal arch really comes into its own in well-structured historical gardens. At the same time, its playful and delicate design means that it fits in superbly in cottage gardens too. When installed as a set with a gate and metal garden fencing, the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch makes a most elegant entranceway to an outdoor space, such as a vegetable or rose garden. It can also be used to break up the line of a formal hedge. We have a similar product that is also available to buy online, the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch. Both garden archways feature an ogee arch and two pine-cone finials and are stable, weatherproof garden structures. The Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch is the more delicate of the two garden arches, as its arch trellis does not have the more dominant frame of the Brighton model. This gives it a lighter and more open feeling. It also means that the Kiftsgate weighs significantly less than its sturdier sibling – the Kiftsgate garden arch weighs in at between 32 and 36 kg, depending on which width you choose, whilst the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch weighs an impressive 65 kg.

Installing the metal garden arch

Included with the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch are the hot-dip galvanised inner and outer anchors that you’ll need to install it. To ensure the garden archway can withstand even the strongest of winds, it needs to be cemented into the ground. The same goes for the metal garden fencing that comes as a part of some of the Kiftsgate sets. The double gate, which also comes with some of the sets, can be closed using a simple latch. Wherever it stands, this gorgeous wrought-iron garden arch will add a touch of exclusivity. And what’s more, its high-quality, rustproof and weatherproof design means that you will be enjoying the Kiftsgate Victorian Rose Arch for many years to come!

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