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The exclusive, striking design of the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch

The design of the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid 19th century. Creating a garden in the style of the Arts and Crafts movement requires the landscape gardener to have a good feeling for proportions. In these gardens, Victorian-style geometric shapes are combined with colourful flowers, impressive wooden or metal decorative elements, and striking garden gates. The Brighton metal arch was created with this kind of garden in mind! Like all of our other garden archways that can be bought using our online shopping facility, the Brighton garden archway is worked on extensively by hand. Each of our Brighton garden arches is a solidly constructed piece of outdoor artwork that is a sight to behold all year round, even when unplanted. One of the most striking features of the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch is it pointed arch. The garden archway’s solid double frame accentuates the lines of the arch trellis as it curves upwards towards the sky. The diamond-shaped latticework trellis panels have a playful and light feel to them, echoing the stylised design of the two pine-cone finials that stand atop this wonderful garden arch.

The Brighton Victorian Rose Arch: available to buy online in various combinations

The gorgeous Brighton Victorian Rose Arch is available to buy online in three different widths – 152 cm, 172 cm and 192 cm. All three models are 282 cm tall and 52 cm deep. This charming garden archway is available to buy online in a number of different combinations. For example, as a garden arch with gate it works brilliantly when integrated into a red-brick wall, whilst the Brighton Arbour Seat (the Brighton garden arch with an integrated bench) can add a wonderfully romantic touch to a private garden of any size. And when combined with metal garden fencing, the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch is ideal for creating specific areas and dividing spaces in larger gardens. What do you have your heart set on for your classic garden? Perhaps a wrought-iron arch covered in rambling roses or wisteria? Or maybe you’re dreaming of an arbour seat that is not only a cosy spot but also separates your garden from your neighbour’s? Or are you looking for the perfect garden arch with gate and metal garden fencing for your pool area? Whatever it is you’re after, you’re bound to find the right Brighton garden arch set in our online shop.

An extremely stable growing support for climbing plants

This beautiful garden arch can support even the heaviest of climbing plants, such as climbing roses or clematis in full bloom. It is also incredibly high quality and made from solid steel tubes and bands. The metal arch’s solid construction and the diamond-shaped latticework trellis panels ensure that plants and flowers are secure and well protected from wind and rain. Ground anchors ensure that the metal rose arch stands firmly in the ground. The freestanding Brighton garden arches may not be secured into the ground, but they are just as wind resistant as their ground-anchored siblings, thanks to the heavy garden planters that are attached to each side of the arch. There are four different types of freestanding Brighton garden arch sets available to buy online; you can order either a simple freestanding garden arch, a freestanding garden arch with seat (also known as arbour seats), or a freestanding garden arch with gate.

Fully weatherproof metal garden archway

Since 1998, Classic Garden Elements rose arches have been standing tall and proud in private and public gardens all around the world. Rose growers and landscape gardeners alike appreciate our elegant garden arch designs and the many advantages that solid metal rose arches offer. Unlike wooden arches, metal garden arches require no constant care or maintenance. Our metal garden archways, the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch included, are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated and therefore wonderfully prepared for life in the great outdoors. In fact, they are so weatherproof that we offer a ten-year rust-free guarantee on all of our garden arches.

Exclusive metal garden arch, perfect for structuring outdoor spaces

There are many ways of creating structure in a garden, but no solution is as timelessly elegant as the Brighton Victorian Rose Arch. Let yourself be inspired by our range of Brighton garden arch sets and bring a touch of Victorian charm to your garden or terrace. If you need further inspiration, look to Wyndcliffe Court or High Glanau, two Welsh country houses in the Arts and Crafts style that boast wonderful formal gardens.

High-quality products available to buy online via online shopping facility

If you have big ideas for your garden and want it to not only be green but also beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! All of our products are available to buy online, and we have a wide range of items for you to choose from. We produce all of our products ourselves, and they are all solid, high-quality and hand-finished structures. Our team consists of 50 people, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that Classic Garden Elements delivers the best products possible. However, we are not only here to advise you on our existing range of products – we are also more than happy to discuss bespoke products with you. For example, perhaps you could like to order one of our products in a different size or colour. If desired, our team can also assemble your new garden structure for you. We have been producing high-quality, decorative metal garden structures for roses and other plants since 1998.

Quality for you and your ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring idea or two for your garden? Or would you just like to build something new? If so, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. If you have any questions as you browse through our products, then please do get in touch. As a specialist manufacturer, we provide you with everything you will need to decoratively grow roses, all under one roof. We are your go-to online shop for metal garden trellises, metal garden structures, metal garden arches and wrought-iron gazebos.