Bagatelle Garden Arches

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The delicate yet spacious design of the Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch

The design of the Classic Garden Elements Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch is characterised by its clear structure and delicate form. The proportions of its round-top arch are based on Romanesque round arches. Another key feature of the Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch is its width – even when it’s covered in blossom, there is still more than enough space to pass through this glorious metal arch without damaging any of the flowers growing on it. The Bagatelle can also be ordered as a half-round rose arch, designed to be attached to a house or garden wall. The form of the Bagatelle Half-Round Garden Arch is reminiscent of a pergola and its design deviates somewhat from the ancient form of the round arch.

Bagatelle garden arch sets, available to buy online

The Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch is the perfect growing support for climbing plants of all kinds, such as climbing roses, clematis and Virginia creeper. The arch trellis is 50 cm deep and thus offers plants the optimal growing space. The Bagatelle garden arch is also available to buy online as part of various sets. These sets – which include, for example, metal garden fencing and double gates – offer our customers greater flexibility and freedom when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor space. All of the Bagatelle garden arch sets can be bought via our online shopping facility. The additional elements, such as the metal garden fencing and gates, are just as well designed as the garden arch itself. For safety and ease, the double gates can be closed using a simple latch. Both the fencing and the gates echo the design of the Bagatelle garden archway, with the diamond-shaped latticework featuring throughout.

A wind-resistant and fully weatherproof metal garden archway

The Bagatelle rose arch may look delicate, but it is made from solid steel tubing and bands that have been welded together to form four solid elements (two side pieces and two arch pieces), so it is fully wind resistant and stable. We provide the ground anchors you’ll need to install the garden archway safely and securely. Weighing in at around 31 kg, the Romanesque Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch can support even heavy climbing plants. But it’s not only stable, it’s also fully frostproof and weatherproof, thanks to our process of hot-dip galvanising and powder coating the metal. This means that buying a Bagatelle Round-Top Garden Arch really is a long-term investment – thanks to its high-quality design and weatherproof finish, it will be bringing you pleasure for years to come!

The Bagatelle Half-Round Garden Arch

Do you have limited garden space available, or are you perhaps looking to create a decorative effect along a pathway? If so, the Bagatelle Half-Round Garden Arch could be just the thing you’re looking for. This attractive metal garden arch requires stability on one side, such as from a garden wall or house façade, to which it must be attached. On the other side, the base of the garden arch trellis needs to be cemented into the ground using the ground anchors we provide, at a depth that ensures the foundations will be frostproof (around 80–100 cm). Thanks to its delicate and simple design, the Bagatelle Half-Round Garden Arch works brilliantly in any kind of outdoor space, from small private gardens to larger public spaces, and fits in with any kind of architectural and garden style. Choosing the flowers you want to grow up the half-round garden arch lets you customise this gorgeous garden structure to suit your garden style or personal taste. For example, those people who are romantics at heart might choose passion flowers, which will thrive on a south-facing house wall. Anyone trying to create an English-style garden might go for clematis, whilst fans of the shabby-chic look might set their hearts on a colourful nasturtium. But whatever climbing plants you pick, the Bagatelle garden arch will offer them the perfect growing support – and before you know it, the arch trellis will be covered in a sea of flowers and foliage.

Creating a gorgeous floral archway or entranceway with a garden arch

The Classic Garden Elements Bagatelle metal arch sets are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a decorative entranceway to an outside space or a focal point in your garden. We have a number of different garden archways for you to choose from, some of which are similar to the Bagatelle – such as the Portofino Romanesque Garden Arch. However, although these two garden arches are similar, there are some key differences. The Bagatelle model is more delicate, lighter and slightly shorter than the Portofino, and it is also wider, offering you more space to pass through the metal garden arch. Both of these garden archways make perfect entranceways and garden focal points and are exclusive decorative elements that will look just as fantastic in ten years’ time as they do today.

High-quality products available to buy online via online shopping facility

If you have big ideas for your garden and want it to not only be green but also beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! All of our products are available to buy online, and we have a wide range of items for you to choose from. We produce all of our products ourselves, and they are all solid, high-quality and hand-finished structures. Our team consists of 50 people, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that Classic Garden Elements delivers the best products possible. However, we are not only here to advise you on our existing range of products – we are also more than happy to discuss bespoke products with you. For example, perhaps you could like to order one of our products in a different size or colour. If desired, our team can also assemble your new garden structure for you. We have been producing high-quality, decorative metal garden structures for roses and other plants since 1998.

Quality for you and your ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring idea or two for your garden? Or would you just like to build something new? If so, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. If you have any questions as you browse through our products, then please do get in touch. As a specialist manufacturer, we provide you with everything you will need to decoratively grow roses, all under one roof. We are your go-to online shop for metal garden trellises, metal garden structures, metal garden arches and wrought-iron gazebos.