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Purchase bronze replicas in real size of antique animal sculptures

We offer a small selection of well-known antique animal sculptures in life size in our online shop. You buy a bronze cast with date and serial number. We can also engrave your own wishes: be it names or smaller texts. Please contact us if you have a special request for antique animal sculptures that we do not currently have in our programme.

The Farnese Bull – A Wild Bull

The sculpture group depicts the extensive, complex myth of the punishment of Dirke from a Theban legend. The short version is that Dirke was tied to a wild bull by Zethus and Amphion, the sons of a certain Antiope. This is done to punish her for the mistreatment of their mother Antiope. The wild, unruly bull forms the centre of this group of sculptures. It drags Dirke to death. The Thebian Fountain sprang from her blood.

The Jockey of Artemision – A Racehorse

A boy riding a racehorse. This is a rare example of a racehorse in Greek sculpture. The horse and rider are depicted as if the horse is leaping away in mid-gallop, with its hind legs on the ground and its front legs raised. The horse towers far above its jockey, a boy only 84 centimetres tall and about 10 years old.

Porcellino, the Calydonian boar – a Wild Boar

Il Porcellino is the Florentine nickname for a bronze fountain with a boar. The fountain figure was created by Pietro Tacca in 1643. It was modelled on a Roman marble statue from the 1st century AD, created after a lost Greek bronze sculpture. The Roman work was brought to Florence by the Medici after it was found in the middle of the 16th century. It is associated with the Calydonian boar from Greek mythology and is on display in the Uffizi Gallery.

Purchase bronze replicas of antique animal sculptures in museum quality online

Whether the Farnese Bull, the Jockey of Artemision or Porcellino, the Calydonian Boar, all replica bronze animal statues are made in museum quality. A plaster cast of the original is used as a template. They are made in real size and of the highest quality. You are buying a decorative object that corresponds 1:1 to the masterpiece from antiquity. Animal statues act as exclusive eye-catchers in city parks as well as in formal gardens of a villas and country houses.