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Jules Gravereaux Garden Stakes

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Reliable and elegant accompaniments for standards, perennials, lilies and others. Their sturdiness ensures support in difficult soils and against the forces of nature. A brilliant, innovative plant support that will grace your garden. The Jules Gravereaux Garden Stakes for Standard Roses are delivered in a pack of two. Price is for two pieces.

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Jules Gravereaux Garden Stakes

Ball-topped garden stakes are made from 0.59” (1.5 cm) steel tubing. The lily-topped garden stakes are made from 0.59” (1.5 cm) steel profile tubing. Both are hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black. The decorative tops – balls and Bourbon lilies – are made of massive cast iron. They come in two colours: black and ‘gold’. Other colours available. 10 years guarantee against weather related rust. All garden stakes feature 40 cm-long, hot-dip galvanised anchors, which guarantee maximum stability. The Jules Gravereaux Garden Stakes for Standard Roses are delivered in a pack of two. Price is for two pieces.


Protection for Tall Stems

The metal ‘Jules Gravereaux Garden Stakes of Classic Garden Elements are true companions for standard roses, perennials, lilies and many other plants. They provide stability for rose stems in difficult soil and in every weather. Thanks to their ingeniously simple anchoring system, these metal garden stakes maintain their original posture over the years. The installation of these metal garden stakes is straightforward. Begin by inserting the anchor into the ground in the position you have chosen. The four-wing design of the 40 cm-long, hot-dip galvanised steel anchor ensures a high degree of stability. Next, fix the garden stake on the anchor. It is important that the metal support faces the wind, usually westwards with regard to the position of the plant. In a final step, bind the rose stem to the garden stake, beneath the grafting point, using bast fibre or a sturdy piece of string. The pictures in our gallery show how it is done.


Designed 20 years ago, our Classic Garden Elements plant support anchoring system has stood the test of time, however extreme the weather conditions. Even in the sandy soil of the North Sea islands off the coast of Germany, our garden stakes have withstood high-speed winds.


Plant Support
Plant SupportLily blackLily blackLily goldLily goldBall blackBall blackBall goldBall gold
Item No.R10-120R10-150R11-120R11-150R12-120R12-150R13-120R13-150
Height4' / 120 cm5' / 150 cm4' / 120 cm5' / 150 cm4' / 120 cm5' / 150 cm4' / 120 cm5' / 150 cm
Weight5,5 lbs6,6 lbs5,5 lbs6,6 lbs5,5 lbs6,6 lbs5,5 lbs6,6 lbs
Delivery2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces
Price incl VAT:190,00 £210,00 £190,00 £210,00 £190,00 £210,00 £190,00 £210,00 £



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