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Knebworth House Treillage Set



Knebworth House Treillage Set: key product details

This eye-catching metal garden trellis is actually made up of four separate wall trellis panels, each of which is a single solid structure that has been welded, hot-dip galvanised and powder coated in black. Other colours are also available upon request. The frames are made of 2-cm-thick steel tubing, whilst the latticework is made from 2-cm steel bands. All of our metal wall trellises are available to buy online using our quick and easy online shopping function, and they all come with a ten-year rust-free guarantee.


The four wall trellis panels need to be mounted on a wall with a 10-cm gap between the façade and the wall trellis. To make this as easy as possible, we provide the 15 hooks you’ll need to mount the garden trellis. All you’ll need to purchase on top are the screws and fasteners to attach the 15 hooks.


Wrought-iron trellis with intricate design


Squares, rectangles, semicircles and circles – the Knebworth House Set has them all! The interplay of these contrasting latticework shapes is accentuated by the contours of the four wall trellis panels themselves – three rectangular trellises with a semi-circular one positioned centrally above them. This semi-circular wall trellis is the Knebworth House Set’s crowning glory, and it echoes the circular element found in the middle of the larger rectangular wall trellis panel.


Customising a metal wall trellis to suit your garden


If you order the Knebworth House Treillage Set in its standard size, you’ll need to ensure you have a wall big enough for it – specifically, it will need to be 208 cm wide and 260 cm tall. However, if you’re sold on this elegant wall-mounted trellis but you have a smaller wall, then you can also order it in a custom size to fit your chosen space. If you have a specific look in mind and black simply doesn’t work, you can even request that the wrought-iron trellis be powder coated in a different RAL colour – any one you like! It’s also up to you how you choose to arrange the four individual wall trellis panels – hanging them closer together or further apart will create a slightly different effect, so see what works best on your wall. The final way of customising your new garden trellis is through your choice of plants. Although the classic choice may be roses, there are many other climbing plants that will thrive on a wall-mounted trellis – so do your research, be creative and experiment. You could even grow something different each year!



The importance of the 10-cm gap between the wall trellis and the façade


In order to protect the façade and provide the plants with the optimal growing conditions, we recommend mounting the outdoor wall trellis with a 10-cm gap between it and the wall. This gap ensures that air can circulate freely and rain water can drain away quickly. To make life easier for you, we provide the special hooks you will need to install your garden trellis with this 10-cm gap. Because every wall and façade is insulated differently, you will need to buy the appropriate screws and fasteners to attach these hooks to your wall.


Knebworth House: the inspiration for this wonderful wall-mounted trellis


Knebworth House, a stately home in Hertfordshire, England, was the inspiration for this impressive wall trellis set. The house was originally Late Gothic in style and was then remodelled in the neo-Gothic style in the 19th century. This architectural style is reflected in the design of the Knebworth House Set, so if you fancy bringing a splash of neo-Gothic charm to your garden, this is the wall trellis for you!


Product details

Knebworth House Treillage Set
Item No.R9-33
Height260 cm
Width208 cm
Depth2 cm
Weight52 kg
What you receiveFour trellises set with fifteen attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£2,988.00