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Dying Gaul



Dying Gaul – buy as a bronze or marble replica

This ancient Roman marble statue is a copy of a now lost Greek Hellenistic bronze statue from around 241-197 BC. The right arm was restored by Michelangelo during the Renaissance. The statue is in the Capitoline Museums in Rome.


The Hellenistic original was most probably commissioned by Attalus I of Pergamon to celebrate his victory over the Galatians, the Celtic or Gallic people in parts of Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). It may have stood on the Pergamon Altar. The identity of the sculptor of the original is not known, but it has been suggested that Epigonus from Pergamon, a court sculptor of the Attalid dynasty, may have been the creator.


The Roman marble statue was commonly known as The Dying Gladiator until the 20th century, as it was mistakenly thought to depict a wounded gladiator in a Roman amphitheatre.


The statue serves both as a reminder of the defeat of the Celts and thus as proof of the power of the people who defeated them, as well as a memorial to their valour as worthy adversaries. The statue also provides evidence that supports the ancient accounts of the fighting style of the ‘Galatians’ confirm this. Diodorus Siculus reports that ‘some of them wear iron breastplates or chain mail, while others fight naked’. Polybius wrote an impressive account of the Galatians’ tactics against a Roman army at the Battle of Telamon in 225 BC: ‘The Insubres and the Boii wore trousers and light cloaks, but the Galatians, in their lust for glory and their defiance, had thrown off their garments and stood before the whole army naked and clad in nothing but their weapons….


The sight of these naked warriors was a fearsome one, for they were all men of splendid stature and in the prime of life.


Antique statue of Dying Galllier, bronze cast in museum quality

The sculpture that you can buy online from us is produced as a bronze cast using the traditional lost wax technique. The basis for the negative mould of the bronze replica is a plaster cast of the marble statue made in Rome in 1904.


Cast marble & marble sculpture from the sculptor

In addition to classic bronze casting, we also offer two other moulds for the statues shown here. Marble casting from powdered genuine white marble. And the new moulding of the statue by sculptors from a single block of white marble. If you are interested in such a mould, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your e-mail or phone call.


Patinating the statue

Patination marks the final step in the finishing process of a bronze statue. The patina simulates the natural oxidation process that causes the bronze to weather differently over time, depending on the environmental influences on the copper alloy. We have various patina recipes in our repertoire, including one that corresponds well to the patina of preserved antique bronze statues. We will be happy to provide you with samples of suitable patinas in advance.


Individualisation of the bronze or marble replica

Every bronze or marble replica purchased from us is engraved in the base with a serial number, date of manufacture and our company logo. The base is also engraved with your name, lettering, the occasion of manufacture, your own company logo or additional engraving as required.


Your very personal legacy

Our life-size cast bronze replicas are therefore not only artistic replicas, but also timeless reminders that will preserve your legacy for generations to come. By engraving your name, the date and the occasion on the base, this statue becomes an everlasting symbol of your most personal life achievement, your significance in this world and your work there.


Memory cast in bronze or marble in the radiant light of antiquity

Ancient Greek statues and their masterfully crafted Roman marble replicas were the sensual and visual mirror of these two advanced civilisations for over a millennium.

After their rediscovery during the Renaissance, these statues once again became world-famous and symbolised the emergence of modernity.


In keeping with the ancient traditions of Delphi and Rome, the statue made for you and with your name as the donor will forever be a reminder of your personality and achievements.


Locations for the installation of ancient statues & list of parks with ancient sculptures

Antique statues are hardly available in the original. Since their rediscovery in the Renaissance, expensive replicas have been made for castles, their parks and also for the mansions of the wealthy bourgeoisie. During this period, a canon for the installation and placement of these works of art was created that developed into modern times. Here you will find an overview of particularly beautiful locations for antique statues. We also offer you an overview of some publicly accessible gardens and parks, each of which has an impressive collection of ancient sculptures. With specific details of which statues can be seen where. Go travelling, let yourself be inspired!


Product details

Dying Gaul
Item No.S30
MaterialBronze cast
dimension (height x width x depth)96 cm x 185 cm x 89 cm
What you receiveSingle piece, Bronze cast. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the Bronze cast may vary.
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£36,700.00