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Delphi Statue of Agias



Agias statue from Delphi – buy life-size bronze casting

The marble statue of Agias in the Museum of Delphi is one of a group of eight male statues depicting past and present members of the patron’s family. An inscription identifies the patron as Daochos II from the city of Pharsalos.


The figure is identified as Agias, a prize-winning athlete. Agias was a one-time Olympic champion in the Pankration, three-time winner of the Pythia, five-time winner of the Nemea and five-time winner of the Isthmia. Agias was the great-grandfather of Daochos II. The statue is an idealised representation of Agias, as it was only created over a century after his death. The legs of the statue are partly modern restorations.


The group represents a votive gift (anathema) to the sanctuary of Delphi. In addition to the donor, Daochos II and his son, six other male ancestors of the family are depicted, including Agias. The statue of Agias is considered one of the most beautiful works in the group and represents Daochos II’s great-grandfather. The marble sculpture was probably created by Lysippos, a contemporary of Daochos II, and is one of the few original Greek marble sculptures to have survived to this day. The statue is part of the permanent collection of the Delphi Museum.


Statue of Agias cast in museum quality bronze

The sculpture that you can buy online from us is produced as a bronze casting using the traditional lost wax technique. The basis for the negative mould required for this is a plaster cast of the original in Delphi.


Patinating the statue

Patination marks the final step in the finishing process of a bronze statue. The patina simulates the natural oxidation process that causes the bronze to weather differently over time, depending on the environmental influences on the copper alloy. We have various patina recipes in our repertoire, including one that corresponds well to the patina of preserved antique bronze statues. We will be happy to provide you with samples of suitable patinas in advance.


Individualisation of the statue of Agias

Each replica statue cast by us is engraved in the base with a serial number, date of manufacture and our company logo. The base is engraved with your name, lettering, the occasion of manufacture, your own company logo or additional engraving as required.


The personalised male statue of Agias, which you can buy from us as a life-size bronze casting, is a highlight in any property. Even as a replica, this life-size statue always casts a spell over onlookers.


Product details

Delphi Statue of Agias
Item No.S40
MaterialBronze cast
dimension (height x width x depth)207 cm x 65 cm x 53 cm
What you receiveSingle piece, Bronze cast. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the Bronze cast may vary.
DeliveryDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£22,000.00