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One of the most famous statues of Augustus Caesar is the so-called Augustus of Primaporta. The larger-than-life statue was found on 20 April 1863 in the Villa of Livia, the house of Augustus’ wife Livia Drusilla. Primaporta is a suburb of Rome. It was damaged when it was found. This damage resulted from falls that had already occurred in antiquity. The left lower leg, the right foot and the right arm, which was raised in the air, were broken; these were subsequently restored. The statue is a marble copy of a bronze original commissioned by the Senate or other high dignitaries around 20 BC. Today the statue is in the Vatican Museums in Rome.
At first glance, this statue appears to be simply a portrait of Augustus as an orator and general, but this sculpture also conveys a great deal about the emperor’s power and ideology. Indeed, this portrait shows Augustus as a great military victor and staunch supporter of the Roman religion.
The statue also heralds the 200-year period of peace that Augustus ushered in, known as the Pax Romana.
In this freestanding marble sculpture, Augustus stands in a contrapposto pose (a relaxed posture in which one leg bears the weight). The emperor is wearing military regalia and his right arm is outstretched to show that the emperor is speaking to his troops. One immediately senses the emperor’s power as the leader of the army and as a military conqueror.
A closer look at the composition of the Primaporta statue reveals a clear resemblance to the Doryphoros by the sculptor Polyklet, a classical Greek bronze sculpture from the fifth century BC. Both have a similar contrapposto posture and are idealised. This means that both Augustus and the spearman are depicted as youthful and flawless figures: They are perfect. The Romans often modelled their art on Greek examples. This is significant insofar as Augustus is essentially depicted with the perfect body of a Greek athlete: He is youthful and masculine, although he was already middle-aged at the time the sculpture was erected. By recreating the Primaporta statue of an iconic Greek sculpture created at the height of Athens’ influence and power, Augustus associates himself with the Golden Age of that earlier civilisation.

The dolphin came to symbolise Augustus’ great naval victory over Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, a victory that made Augustus the sole ruler of the empire. Cupid sitting astride the dolphin conveys another message: that Augustus is descended from the gods. Cupid is the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Julius Caesar, the adoptive father of Augustus, claimed to be descended from Venus, and so Augustus also had this connection to the gods.
The primaporta type became the predominant depiction style for portraits of Augustus. It was retained in slight variations until the death of Augustus in the year 14. According to the Augustus has not aged in his portraits due to the propagandistic purpose of these statues. Statues and portraits of this type have been found throughout the Roman Empire.


Augustus Primaporta statue, cast bronze in museum quality

The sculpture is produced as a bronze cast using the traditional lost wax technique. The basis for this is a plaster cast of the original in Rome.

Buy cast marble or marble sculpture from a sculptor

In addition to classic bronze casting, we also offer two other moulds for the Augustus Primaporta sculpture shown in the online shop. Marble casting from powdered genuine white marble. And the new moulding of the statue by sculptors from a single block of white marble. If you are interested in such a mould, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your e-mail or phone call.

Patinating the Augustus Primaporta statue

Patination marks the final step in the finishing process of a bronze statue. The patina simulates the natural oxidation process that causes the bronze to weather differently over time, depending on the environmental influences on the copper alloy. We have various patina recipes in our repertoire, including one that corresponds well to the patina of preserved antique bronze statues. We will be happy to provide you with samples of suitable patinas in advance.

Individualisation of the statue

Each statue cast by us is engraved in the base with a serial number, date of manufacture and our company logo. The base is also engraved with your name, a lettering, the occasion of production, your own company logo or additional engraving as required. With the engraving, your Augustus Primaporta statue purchased from us becomes a unique piece with your personal signature.

Your very personal legacy

Our life-size cast bronze replicas are therefore not only artistic replicas, but also timeless reminders that will preserve your legacy for generations to come. By engraving your name, the date and the occasion on the base, this statue becomes an everlasting symbol of your most personal life achievement, your significance in this world and your work there.

Memory cast in bronze in the radiant light of antiquity

Ancient Greek bronze statues and their masterfully crafted Roman marble replicas were the sensual and visual mirror of these two cultures for over a millennium.
advanced civilisations. After their rediscovery during the Renaissance, these statues once again became world-famous and symbolised the emergence of modernity. The statue made for you and with your name as the donor will forever be a reminder of your personality and achievements in the ancient traditions of Delphi and Rome.

Locations for the installation of ancient statues & list of parks with ancient sculptures

Antique statues are hardly available in the original. Since their rediscovery in the Renaissance, expensive replicas have been made for castles, their parks and also for the mansions of the wealthy bourgeoisie. During this period, a canon for the installation and placement of these works of art was created that developed into modern times. Here you will find an overview of particularly beautiful locations for antique statues. We also offer you an overview of some publicly accessible gardens and parks, each of which has an impressive collection of ancient sculptures. With specific details of which statues can be seen where. Go travelling, let yourself be inspired!

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Augustus of Prima Porta
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dimension (height x width x depth)220 cm x 130 cm x 96 cm
What you receiveSingle piece, Bronze cast. The exact design details, measurements and weight as well as the structure and colour of the Bronze cast may vary.
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