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Asian Wall Trellis Hong Kong

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Key information about the Hong Kong Wall Trellis

In our online shop, you can buy both the Small Hong Kong Wall Trellis and the Large Hong Kong Wall Trellis. In deciding which model to go for, consider the space available. The smaller model is 197 cm tall and 50 cm wide and weighs 13 kg, whilst the larger version is 200 cm tall and 100 cm wide and weighs 25 kg. If desired, both versions can be painted in a colour other than red.


Just like for all our wall trellises that are available to buy online, this garden trellis comes with the hooks needed to mount the metal garden trellis onto your chosen façade. When secured correctly, there will be a ten-cm gap between the wall and the metal garden trellis. All you need to worry about is buying the fasteners and screws to attach the hooks.


Tips for designing an Asian-style garden using a metal wall trellis


Both the smaller and larger Hong Kong Wall Trellis will conjure up a sense of eastern garden culture in your own outdoor space. By covering up any unsightly or plain façades, this wonderful Asian-style wall-mounted trellis will transform your garden into a space where you feel a million miles away from the humdrum of daily life. This red wrought-iron trellis contrasts especially well with evergreen plants and – along with a few large stones placed stylishly on neat and tidy gravelled areas – turns gardens into peaceful works of art that are perfect for meditation and filled with Far Eastern charm.



Japanese and Chinese gardens


There is something fascinating about Chinese and Japanese gardens. In Japan, land is limited and expensive, so Japanese landscape gardeners are masters at turning small spaces into enchanting spots in which all the elements are in harmony. With the Hong Kong Wall Trellis, you too can create your own Japanese or Chinese garden, either in a small garden or in the corner of a larger one. This metal wall trellis is a striking design element both with and without plants. Star jasmine, for example, will transform this wall trellis with its delicate white flowers and beguiling scent.


Short Description

The frames of the Small Hong Kong Wall Trellis and the Large Hong Kong Wall Trellis are made from 2-cm and 4-cm pieces of steel tubing. For the inner sections, we use 2-cm steel bands. Everything is then welded together so that the final product is one solid structure. We offer you a ten-year rust-free guarantee on these products.

Product details

Asian Wall Trellis Hong Kong
Product nameLarge Hong Kong Wall TrellisSmall Hong Kong Wall Trellis
Item No.R9-18R9-17
Height6’ 7’’ / 200 cm197 cm
Width100 cm50 cm
Depth2 cm2 cm
Weight25 kg13 kg
What you receiveTrellis with four attachment hooksTrellis with four attachment hooks
Technical drawingPDFPDF
DeliveryDelivered using our own vanDelivered using our own van
Delivery ChargeFree delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.Free delivery in England and Wales (except islands) and to a few EU countries. Click here for details.
Price incl. VAT£1,356.00£636.00