Japanese Torii Gate

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Torii gates: traditional Japanese structures for shrines and places of worship

The Classic Garden Elements Japanese Torii Gate is immediately recognisable as an element of traditional Japanese architecture. In Japan, torii are used as physical or symbolic entryways to shrines. Well-known examples include the Fushimi Inari shrine south of Kyoto and the Itsukushima Shinto shrine on the island of Miyajima. These impressive structures mark the divide between one’s normal, daily sphere and the place of worship that one is about to enter. A torii is a freestanding garden arch that can be made of either wood, stone or metal. When it comes to garden architecture, one thing’s for sure: no Japanese garden is complete without a torii gate.

The hand-finished Japanese Torii Gate: a new take on Japanese architecture

All of the steel parts of the metal torii rose arch are worked on by hand – the individual pieces of steel are hot-dip galvanised, powder coated and then welded together by hand. The finished product is an exclusive Japanese-style metal garden archway that – just like the originals in Japan – will stand watch in a private garden or park for many years to come. The basic design of a torii features two upright posts that carry the weight of the cross-beam. To increase the impact of our Classic Garden Elements Japanese Torii Gate, it has two side trellis panels that bring together two classical torii to create a deeper and more imposing structure that still has a light and open feel.

The Classic Garden Elements Japanese Torii Gate: available in three sizes

This striking metal garden arch is 238 cm tall, making it an incredibly eye-catching piece of garden decoration that cleverly unites traditional and modern design elements. The Japanese Torii Gate is 52 cm deep and comes in three different widths: 152 cm, 172 cm and 192 cm. Although this gorgeous garden arch does have a trellis panel on each end, the Japanese Torii Gate is not so much a climbing support as it is an impressive piece of artwork in and of itself, an imposing structure that brings a wonderful sense of calm to the space where it stands.

Design features of Japanese gardens

In a Japanese garden, torii gates can be used to frame certain parts of the garden and draw attention to them. Japanese gardens are known for being ordered and clearly structured. Prominent design features include curved paths and bridges, decorative statues, stones, water and torii gates, all of which come together to create a wonderfully serene atmosphere. Those Japanese gardens found in Europe tend to echo these traditional garden designs. One fantastic way of creating a truly authentic-feeling Japanese garden is to include our Japanese Torii Gate, which will stand tall and proud in Zen gardens, Asian-style parks and meditation gardens alike.

Why are most torii garden arches in Japan red?

In Japan, many torii garden archways are painted red in line with the old belief that the colour wards off evil spirits. The gates are supposed to protect people from harm and make the shrine a safe place. The colour red plays an important role in Japan and stands for courage, openness and protection. In the country’s flag, the colour red is used to symbolise the sun. Are you interested in buying a red torii garden arch? As standard, this spectacular arch trellis comes in black, but we would be very happy to produce one for you in red or in any other colour you would like. The Japanese Torii Gate is available to buy online using our online shopping facility. When you come to make your purchase, you can simply select your colour of choice.

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