Garden Arches with Side Fencing

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Solid Metal Garden Arch with Side Fencing

A wrought-iron rose arch with side fencing, bench and gate is almost completely indestructible. However, these robust, stable structures can also transform entrance ways into truly magical floral portals that take your breath away. Here at Classic Garden Elements, we believe that just because an element is functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be attractive and appealing in design. This means that our exclusive metal fences and garden arches aren’t simply practical – each one is also a beautifully decorative piece in its own right. A metal arch with gate – whether it’s a single or double one – is a great way to decorate the entrance to a house, an elegant villa or even a vegetable patch! You could also use a metal garden arbour seat to create an enchanting, eye-catching section of the boundary between your property and your neighbour’s. We have many designs of elegant garden arches with side fencing to help you to structure your space in a visually appealing way that is in keeping with your home or garden. In garden architecture, a rose arch is valued for being a design element that can add an element of height to a space. For a glorious interplay of colours, roses, clematis, Virginia creeper or ivy can be grown all the way up and over these impressive structures. They can add a flash of colour at a height at which one normally only sees the greens and browns of trees and foliage. What’s more, the delicate beauty of a metal arch with fencing will bring not only more colour and height to you garden, but also more charm and personality. Striking even in their own right, when bedecked with blooms or blossom one of our metal garden arches and fences becomes a spectacular and dramatic garden feature. But hand-finished Classic Garden Elements metal garden fencing isn’t only suitable for private gardens – they work just as well in open public spaces, parks and the shared gardens of residential complexes. No matter what kind of space they’re in, these garden arches with side fencing are not only attractive, they’re also solidly built and extremely high quality, so they’re an investment that will last.

Designing Metal Garden Arches with Fencing for Various Purposes

Historical buildings from both the ancient world and Great Britain are a constant source of inspiration for us in designing new styles of garden arches. Producing the arches from steel allows for a very delicate finish. This means that, once complete, fencing made from solid metal is surprisingly light and easy to put in place. Once in place, a metal fence works in perfect harmony with a garden arch – whilst the latter draws attention to the garden and gives it a centrepiece, the metal garden fencing takes on the task of creating a border and giving the space a clean, defined edge. The right plants and flowers can play their part too, if desired, by creating a kind of protective foliage screen that can significantly increase the sense of privacy in your garden. We pride ourselves on helping our customers to find the perfect solution for their individual garden or space. In the process, we often end up coming up with new combinations of rose arches, fencing, benches and gates inspired by these specific needs and ideas. For example, the solid metal Portofino garden arch with bench and fence was inspired by one particular rose lover who dreamt of a relaxation area in her garden. Iron fencing is well-suited to both smaller and larger gardens, and can be a great way of creating a calm, flower-filled spot in which to sit and appreciate the surrounding nature. A garden arch with bench and fencing can be easily integrated into either a hedge or a wall. Many customers choose garden arches with a high fence to section off part of their garden so that their dog can run around there safely. Others want to keep out unwelcome guests. Good choices for this would be either the Kiftsgate garden arch with gate and high fence or the Brighton garden arch Brighton with gate and fence.

How To Decide Which Garden Arch and Fence to Buy

When deciding which garden arch is right for you, you need to keep a few things in mind. Clearly, you need to choose which design and colour you like best and make sure the arch and fencing will fit in with the general feel of your property. However, just as important as the shape and colour are the height of the fence and the width of the gate. You can also choose between a single and double gate, depending on the width of space in question. Narrower spaces are better suited to single gates, whilst wider spaces benefit both optically and practically from a double gate. We also have some gates with locking handles and some with latches. Make sure that the product you choose suits your purpose and the chosen spot visually as well as logistically.

High-Quality Metal Fencing with Garden Arch, Bench and Gate

All of the Classic Garden Elements fence panels and rose arches are structurally solid and beautifully designed. There are 50 of us working hard to ensure that whatever you buy from us is of the highest possible quality. However, as garden professionals, we are not just here to advise you on our range of existing products. We are also more than happy to design something just for you, in the size and colour that match your individual needs and requirements.

Metal Garden Arch with Side Fencing – Online Shopping Options

Our standard metal garden arches with side fencing are all available to buy online from our online shop. Our online shopping facility is straightforward and easy to use. However, if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about a special order, please get in touch. We would be happy to put together a nonbinding cost estimate for you for your dream garden arch with fence. We also offer additional made-to-measure fencing elements in individual designs and sizes. For very large projects, we can also assemble the fencing for you on site at your request. Classic Garden Elements has been producing metal garden structures such as arches, arbour seats and trellises for roses since 1998 and would be happy to design or find the perfect piece for you.

Decorative yet functional garden arches with metal garden fencing

Our metal garden arches with gates and side fencing and our metal arbour seats are all incredibly hard-wearing and durable – but they are also unbelievably beautiful structures that allow you to transform entranceways into flower-covered portals. If you are looking for a fence that is not just functional but also decorative in and of itself, then one of our garden archways with metal garden fencing could be just the thing for you. A garden arch with fence and arbour seat is a really attractive way of marking the boundary between your garden and your neighbour’s. Landscape gardeners often use rose arches to bring a sense of height to a space. Growing flowers such as roses, clematis, Virginia creeper or ivy up and over a metal arch can add a splash of colour to your garden at a height at which you would normally only have bushes and trees. The delicate beauty of a rose arch with side fencing is a wonderful way of making your garden that little bit more unique and charming. A big part of their appeal is that, whilst they look delicate and attractive, they are actually incredibly solid and sturdy. Our high-quality, hand-finished metal garden fencing is ideal for both private gardens and larger spaces, such as parks and hotel grounds.

The different functions of garden arches with fencing

When it comes to designing new garden archways, we are often inspired by historical buildings from antiquity, as well as by British buildings. Our production processes allow us to take solid metal and turn it in to garden structures and metal garden fencing with delicate and intricate designs that fit in beautifully in gardens and parks. Whilst a garden archway can set the scene by framing an area within a garden, the fencing can create an attractive boundary. If you are keen to make your personal space more private, you could also grow plants up the fence. Feedback and ideas from our customers inspire us to come up with new ways to combine our various wrought-iron arches, metal garden fencing, arbour seats and gates. For example, the Portofino Arbour Seat with Fence came about because a rose-loving customer wanted to have a quiet space in which to sit and enjoy their garden. This gorgeous arbour seat allows you to sit beneath a sea of flowers and works fantastically in gardens big and small. Garden arches with metal garden fencing and an arbour bench can be incorporated into hedges and walls to great effect. Our garden arches with both a high gate and high fencing are often used to demarcate a space in the garden in which our customers’ four-legged friends can run around safely. These sets can also be used to create privacy and keep prying eyes away. We have various metal arch sets that are perfect for these purposes, such as the Kiftsgate Garden Arch with Gate and High Fence or the Brighton Garden Arch with Gate and Fence.

High-quality metal garden arch sets – how to choose the right one for you

In deciding which garden arch set to buy, make sure to pay attention to the height of the metal garden fencing and the width and height of the gate. Does the size of the garden arch and the fencing suit your property and fulfil your requirements? You can buy our garden arches with a high gate or a lower garden gate, and the gates themselves come with either a latch or a locking handle. All of the Classic Garden Elements garden archways and metal garden fencing is made by us in our workshop and is of the highest quality. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to discuss bespoke pieces, such as garden arches in different sizes and colours or fences in a bespoke height or design. All of our standard products are available to buy online using our online shopping facility, but if you have a question about a customised order, then please get in touch so that we can put together a non-binding quotation for you.

High-quality products available to buy online via online shopping facility

If you have big ideas for your garden and want it to not only be green but also beautiful, then you’ve come to the right place! All of our products are available to buy online, and we have a wide range of items for you to choose from. We produce all of our products ourselves, and they are all solid, high-quality and hand-finished structures. Our team consists of 50 people, all of whom are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that Classic Garden Elements delivers the best products possible. However, we are not only here to advise you on our existing range of products – we are also more than happy to discuss bespoke products with you. For example, perhaps you could like to order one of our products in a different size or colour. If desired, our team can also assemble your new garden structure for you. We have been producing high-quality, decorative metal garden structures for roses and other plants since 1998.

Quality for you and your ideas

Are you looking for an inspiring idea or two for your garden? Or would you just like to build something new? If so, you’ll find everything you need in our online shop. If you have any questions as you browse through our products, then please do get in touch. As a specialist manufacturer, we provide you with everything you will need to decoratively grow roses, all under one roof. We are your go-to online shop for metal garden trellises, metal garden structures, metal garden arches and wrought-iron gazebos.