The ‘Giverny’ Umbrella Trellis is an exceptional metal plant support frame. The design is inspired by a frame from Claude Monte’s garden in Giverny, after which it is also named.

After only three years, the luxuriant ‘Rosarium Uetersen’ standard weeping rose (Kordes) has covered a Classic Garden Elements ‘Giverny’ umbrella trellis. As well as stabilising the rose trunk, the sturdy metal frame also allows you to train the generally upward-growing canes downwards, thus promoting numerous budded side shoots.

Rosa helenae ‘Goldfinch’ on Umbrella Trellises lining the a Pathway at Schafhof Estate near Frankfurt

Before you plant weeping standard roses, it is worth thinking about how best to support them. Although metal frames may be in a higher price range, they are by far the most effective way of preventing thicker canes from breaking during the next summer storm. The picture shows a private garden near Frankfurt where Classic […]

Special Metal Support for Weeping Standard Roses

The ‘Rosendorf Steinfurth’ ramblers’ beautifully clustered pink blooms give off a light fragrance and, as they blossom, change colour to tender pink or even white. The plant has flexible shoots with very few thorns. Flowering several times a year, it grows well on arches and obelisks. In this picture, taken at the RosenPark Dräger, the […]

An Invention by Claude Monet – The Umbrella Trellis for Weeping Standard Roses

rose obelisk

In Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny, the long shoots of the grafted ‘Paul Noel’ hybrid wichurana (Tanne, 1910) hang romantically over an umbrella-like frame of iron. Beneath the frame, shimmering purple-petalled common honesty (Lunaria annua), blue irises and contrasting white Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum) complete the picture.